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Posted On: February 13, 2014
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Ten years ago on February 4th, Mark Zuckerberg launched the, a directory for Harvard students. It currently is the biggest and most influential social networking platform in the world. A year later, a trio of former PayPal employees launched a video hosting site.

That site, YouTube, is now valued at over $1.65 billion and draws over one billion unique viewers every month. Social networking is a vital part of the modern online experience. What this means is that there are more careers available than ever in the exciting field of social media marketing.

What Do People in Social Media Jobs Do?

There are a number of different social media roles to fill. In some small companies, a single person will be responsible for all of the organization's social media interactions. In others, the social media staff can include a social media director, as well as, social media marketing experts, assistants, and specialists devoted to platforms that include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others.

Because the work is accomplished online, social media careers are possible no matter where you live in the world. Many companies have in-house positions, but others provide flexibility to those who wish to stay with children and work from home. Some days will involve interacting with current and potential customers on your company's official Facebook page. Others will be spent crafting engaging content to delight fans.

You may find yourself making fun graphics and infographics, writing blog posts, or keeping up with the chatter on Twitter. Parts of most days will involve studying analytics to learn what works for your company and your brand. These new roles, also, often involve aspects of established business functions.

For instance, a lot of marketing and public relationships happen through social media outlets these days. Because of these factors, the job description for someone in a social media career will most likely provide a lot of variety from day-to-day.

Careers in this field will give you a chance to express your creativity, develop strategies, plan and organize, and even make people laugh. Many people are surprised to discover that things they do every day like posting on WordPress blogs or making graphics for Pinterest have real-life career applications.

Social media is still, 10 years in, a developing field. What this means for you is that you have the opportunity to be a trailblazer. For instance, the interactivity of the internet means that marketing online is much different from traditional offline marketing.

Offline, companies deliver a top-down message, and consumers can respond or ignore it. Through social media marketing, you have the chance to engage with potential customers truly. You create marketing content -- and sometimes even products themselves -- that resonates with people.

Waking up and discovering that a blog post, infographic, or other content you made has gone viral is incredibly exciting and provides a huge feeling of accomplishment.

The social media revolution allows creative and talented people to carve their own niches and craft exciting careers for themselves. If you are creative, dedicated, and passionate about life online, find out if a career in social media is a good fit for you.

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