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Here are Some Tips for Real Estate Training and Coaching for Agents

Stafford Aslam April 6, 2018 0

Real Estate Training

Introducing new real estate agents into a brokerage can be lucrative for your business. However, it can easily turn into a nightmare if they aren’t trained for the job.  This includes getting to know how you do business, how you market to prospects, the type of clients you need, the type of properties you go for etc.

The good news is that new recruits are eager to learn and grow so you can get results by coaching them properly. Plus, fresh recruits are a great source for reaching first-time home buyers. Here are some ways you can maximize results during training:

Create a formal training program

In order to ensure retention, increase productivity and produce agents who can be assets for your brokerage, you need to have a formal training plan in place. That is much better than training them individually while managing the… Click To Tweet

The training plan should include a range of training strategies that can help them attract and retain clients without supervision. Besides giving new recruits a framework they can follow, a formal training program will attract clients and more candidates who are impressed with your service quality.

Assign mentors

As the head honcho you cannot be everywhere at once and you cannot take every new agent under your wing either. However, you cannot leave them at their own devices either. Make things easier for yourself by assigning mentors for each new hire. These should be seasoned veterans or at least existing agents who have been working for you for 2 years.

You don’t need to supervise what they teach, but you should be on top of things. Ask your agents to give you a monthly progress report on each agent and set a timeline for meetings. During each one, discuss their progress and how they can improve. Mutually agreed goals will help you maintain the quality standards that work for your brokerage.

Coach as part of a marketing strategy

Remember, you are running a business and as such you should expect a level of professionalism and discipline from your employees. The best way to do that is to be the change you want to see in them and promote it in your marketing strategy.

A promotional strategy that is based on how well new agents perform will go a long way in enhancing workplace morale. Teach them the importance of key performance metrics and how to track them so that they can keep tabs on their performance as well. Prioritizing client relations will maintain your brokerage’s image organically.

The bottom line is that coaching new agents doesn’t have to be difficult or drawn out. It does not have to drain your resources and time to be effective and result driven. The ideal training program achieves a balance between time and expenses. It also comprises of a mix of theoretical education and hands-on coaching that can be used as a blueprint for new agents and brokers.

South Carolina 10 Hour Broker In-Charge Renewal CE Package

Whether you are an aspiring broker who wants renew their license or a broker in need of extra training in South Carolina, sign up for a course in 360Training.com. The South Carolina 10 Hour Broker In-Charge Renewal CE Package delves into a variety of topics that are essential for brokers who run their own business.

Since it is online, you can take the courses as per your busy schedule and still get the education you need. The training program offers an interactive experience that is engaging enough to help students retain important information.

Take care of all of your CE requirements with one package which includes:

  • The duties of a broker in-charge which covers 4 hours of instruction
  • An elective on the importance of agency relations which covers 2 hours
  • Flood of Disclosure which covers 4 hours of instruction.

All brokers have to complete a Broker-In-Charge CE program which will count when it comes to their 6 hour CE requirements. Sign up for the program before you lose your license and your credibility in front of your employees and clients. You spent years on your business. Delaying this decision is not advisable.

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