Think Big, Succeed Big

Successful Career Planning Have you ever wondered about the difference is between average people and truly successful people? Why does it seem like some guys get all the breaks, while others are stuck with unfulfilling jobs for their entire life? While some people leave it to luck, our consistently intelligent choices and actionable behaviors play a huge part in achieving success. There are many things that individuals can do to increase their marketability, their likability, and ultimately, their career success. Sitting around for luck to smile on you, however, is not one of them. Stop Scarcity Thinking Scarcity thinking is one of the main factors affecting an individual’s success in life. Scarcity thinking is a learned behavior which causes individuals to think that they do not have enough to fulfill their goals. Enough what? Enough everything! People will convince themselves that they do not have enough money to take that business class they need. They do not have enough social skills to attend the networking event that has been recommended. They do not have the qualifications to apply for a new management position that has just opened up in the company. Scarcity thinking is often born out of unfair comparisons that we make between ourselves and others. We assume everyone else has gotten it all figured out and we can’t. Michael Hyatt, author and career guru, has this to say about these toxic comparisons: “Not only are all of these comparisons discouraging and even debilitating, they distort and hide the tremendous gifts we have been given(1).” Scarcity thinking will restrain you from moving forward and chain you to your current circumstances, with no hope to ever move your career forward—but it can be stopped. Demonstrate Abundance/Solution Thinking Abundance or solution thinking is quite the opposite of scarcity thinking. Abundance thinking consciously details how you do have enough, if you are honest. If you tell yourself that you do not have enough money to take the business class you need, abundance thinking will say, “Well, if you quit eating lunch out for a few weeks, you’ll have saved the cost of the course!” You did have the money—you were just putting it somewhere else. Solution thinking, similar to abundance thinking, helps you to find solutions to that are really obstacles. “I can’t attend the networking event because my social skills are bad.” Solution thinking will not stop at this assertion, and consider this instead: “So what can I do to improve my social skills before the event next month?” Take a class. Ask a friend to coach you. Practice with friends and relatives until you are comfortable with this new skill. There are solutions—you must simply crawl out of your comfort zone and grab them. Think Bigger If you are unhappy with your current job and you want to find the right career, you must think bigger. Just because you have never worked for a bigger corporation does not mean you can’t. Just because you have never held a supervisory position does not mean you can’t. If you want it, there are ways to make it happen—but you must fit your thinking to the size of your goals. Career planning is a lot more than simply looking at potential positions you may want. Career planning is also evaluating your own thought patterns and behaviors, and then making positive changes that move you forward. (1)  

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