The Role of Construction Firms in Sustainable Construction... It pays to Go Green

Environmental Impacts
Sustainability has become a byword in the construction industry and for good reason. It means:
  • Ensuring resources are being utilized efficiently
  • Considering the impact of operations on the environment
  • Being careful in the way materials are sourced
  • Understanding projects rather than just bottom lines
  • Considering global and community impact


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  In other words sustainability means asking ourselves what the end result of our efforts will be. In the construction industry, green efforts can go  a long way in protecting the environment during operations.

What is Sustainable Construction?

Sustainable construction can be understood if you know who project stakeholders are. This includes:
  1. The clients
  2. The government
  3. The company
All 3 influence and regulate construction in that area and thus influence the process as well as the results. In other words, if you want a construction project to remain sustainable, you need to consider other stakeholders besides these.

The Role of Construction Firms

As a business, your construction firm needs to generate profits. LEED construction or the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design has been the go to standard when it comes to green and profitable construction methods. The standard promotes sustainable construction technologies in the industry that can recoup costs overtime in the form of reduced building operation costs.

Certified Environmental Specialist

360Training offers a Certified Environmental Specialist course that covers the Clean Air Act through its history. These include all of the amendments that have been made to the legislation throughout its existence and especially the ones made in 1990 which are covered in detail. Sign up for the course today and become an expert in environmental standards in the construction industry. Make your construction business more sustainable today.

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