Here are List of Things to Avoid When Selling your Home

Posted On: April 25, 2018
Seller's Perspective A home may not be marketable if the market is not favorable. However, it may also not appeal to buyers because of a mistake the sellers made. Here are some common mistakes to avoid and which can help you sell your home quickly:

- Hiring the wrong agent

Not all agents work the same way and the one you hire can make or break a deal. While there is a level of professionalism across the industry, there are a few bad eggs you should avoid. Research referrals before choosing one and work with an agent who has experience working in your area and who have in-depth insight into the market.

- Keeping personal effects

The home buying process is deeply personal so most potential buyers will be imagining themselves living in the space. Any personal effects will ruin that experience. For instance, they may not have the same religious preferences that you have or have as large a family as you do.

To prevent conflicts, remove all personal items before a showing and all other evidence that shows that someone lives in the property. This includes photographs, toys, etc. Click To Tweet

- Asking for more than the home’s value

The market is ripe for sellers when inventory is low. However, that also does not mean that buyers will pay more than what a property is worth. A home that is priced as per market trends will receive an offer faster than one that is overpriced. Since a correctly priced home is market friendly, it will get more offers than one that is being sold for way more. The property will also stagnate in the market forcing the owners to reduce the original price.

- Failing to stage for pictures

Pictures allow buyers to connect with properties and good ones can bring in more buyers. This will increase chances of a good sale exponentially while bad ones will only put them off. Some of the common staging mistakes that can make buyers turn away include:
  • Clutter around the house
  • Unmade beds
  • Non neutral pain colors
  • Too much furniture
  • Trash lying around the house
All of these things can make a property feel less appealing than it really is and make you miss out on a sale. Make sure they are taken care before calling a photographer and before a showing.

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