Say Goodbye to 10 Things on Your Next Resume Makeover

Things-You-Should-Remove-From-Your-Resume Everyone needs a good makeover once in a while—and so does your resume! Often, resume writing tips are about what you need to include on your resume. This time, let’s talk about what you need to eliminate. Your resume needs to be clear, concise, and effective. In many cases, less is more. Here are ten things to remove during your next resume makeover:
  • The Objective
Ultimately, your objective is to get a job. You know that—and the employer knows that. This is a wordy portion of your resume that is unnecessary and just takes up space. Delete it and move on.
  • Your Headshot
Your headshot is not important—unless you are applying for a film role or a modeling gig. If you are applying for any other type of job, your photograph doesn’t have to be on your resume.
  • Personal Interests
Personal interests can make you stand out and increase your appeal to a potential employer, but they can also do the opposite. It's best to remove your interests, unless they are relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Fancy Fonts and Graphics
Many people opt for a unique and loud resume design, hoping to stand out from thousands of resumes with a boring typeset. If you’re not careful, it can also make you stand out in a bad way. Too many graphics or an eclectic design may be more of a detraction, so it's best to stick with a fairly conservative and professional resume layout.
  • Your Current Employee E-mail
It may be the e-mail that you use the most, but if you are job-seeking, you need to create a personal account with a professional address. Your first and last name often make a good e-mail address for your resume. Don't appear disloyal or lazy by putting your work e-mail on your resume.
  • Opinions About Yourself
You need to be confident without being arrogant. Phrases such as "creative innovator" should be left off.
  • Anything from High School
It's not relevant. Even if you are applying for your first job out of college, don't mention your high school.
  • Jargon and Words You Found in the Thesaurus
You are probably trying to impress a potential employer, but it's not going to have the right impact. Stick with concise, powerful words.
  • Anything Untrue
This is an easy one. Eliminate any and all lies that can be found on your resume. It's not worth it.
  • Salary History
According to reports, most people do not include a salary history on their resume. It is not necessary and may give the wrong impression to your potential employer. Your resume may seem like a simple document, but it is powerful and necessary for success in your chosen career field. Do you have other tips? Let us know! Sources:    

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