Time Management for the Holidays

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Time ManagementThe holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. For real estate agents, it's especially strenuous. Your family is pulling at you from one direction and you have numerous clients pulling from the other side. Don't have a nervous breakdown! You can get it all done without offending your clients by following the time management tips outlined below. Assign Value Responsibilities, such as open houses, client meetings, advertising, and listing properties, can quickly stockpile during the year's stretch run. Bad weather and family obligations make living life even more of a juggling act. The key is to use your time prudently and strictly adhere to these time management tips on holidays. Pinpoint what is most important and hammer away until you reach the tasks that aren't as meaningful. While it is tempting to go after the low-hanging fruit because it is easier to grab, doing so could negatively impact your business. It helps to establish value assignments for each of your holiday responsibilities. For example, if meeting with clients is the most critical, put other tasks on the back burner until you've met your client obligations. Avoid These Common Time Management Mistakes When you misuse your time, you'll damage your business and also feel unnecessarily stressed out. This is precisely what you want to avoid during the most hectic time of the year. View the holidays as an opportunity to put your time management ideas into action and establish full control of your schedule as a professional and as a family member. Aside from prioritizing your responsibilities, you should take precautions to avoid over-scheduling. When you schedule appointments that conflict, you might do irreparable harm to your business and your reputation within the community. Also, don't try to tackle all of your obligations by yourself. Ask for help from your broker's clerical team. They can provide vital support in terms of client contact, scheduling, and document creation. Effective delegation will simplify your schedule and workload so that you're freed up to give your full time and attention to the tasks that you've established as your top priorities. Don't put your cell phone number on every document and advertisement that you create. Doing so might seem like a good idea at first but it could prove to be a disaster when you're pressed for time and can't answer a flurry of phone calls. Plan Ahead Before your week starts, establish a general framework for the next five days. Establish time blocks far ahead so you'll have ample time to prepare for meetings, open houses, and other appointments. Plan significant time for your high dollar activities such as lead generations, negotiations, closings and whatever else is especially profitable for your business. Don't forget to schedule time for yourself, as well. As the week progresses, you can fill in the remainder of your schedule on the fly. Time Management Techniques: A Break To Refresh During the holidays, time management is awfully challenging. You'll be juggling personal, family and work responsibilities. You also might have to deal with inclement weather. This means that you'll need some time for yourself to get your mind off work, catch your breath and reflect. While it is tempting to work through your lunch and other normal break periods, don't do it. You'll be much more effective if your batteries are recharged from time to time. If you have to, turn your cell phone off and put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. It is important that fellow real estate agents, broker administrators, and clients don't interfere with your small window of personal time.

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