Tips for Creating a Unique Real Estate Blog

Real Estate Blog Most real estate agents spend more time searching for leads when a simple online search can suffice. Today, most buyers look to online listings for the properties they need and few if any contact agents to find it for them. However, they do need advice on market conditions, knowledge about the neighborhood, mortgage, interest rates and open houses to finalize their decision. A real estate blog that answers pressing queries and educates sellers and buyers about their transaction can make a mark in the online sphere. Here are some tips you can use to create a unique real estate blog and engage with potential leads sooner:

Create a content calendar

Like a business, you need to create a strategy for your blog which your content should be based on. A content calendar will allow you to plan posts weekly, monthly or quarterly so you always have a live presence. Click To Tweet

The key is to maintain consistency by posting as regularly as possible. That is the best way to make people notice old and new posts or your readership will decline. Posting 2 to 3 blogs per week should keep them interested long enough to consider you for an investment. The best benefit of a calendar is that you will be able to keep track of special events and holidays for the blog. Posts that have evergreen content that is relevant to the day they are posted generate more traffic which can translate to more leads.

Focus on expertise

Even though posting broad topics is a good way to flesh out a blog and attract a diverse readership, your area of expertise is more bankable in comparison. For one thing, you will be able to write research based and comprehensive content and for another, you will be able to answer comments accurately as well. Your niche allows you a unique perspective that sets you apart from other agents. This is an attractive quality for real estate investors who are in search of market-specific and accurate information about properties.  

Write for online readers

A blog is different from an essay since it is broken up into scannable blocks of information formatted to be as reader friendly as possible. In addition, the content has an informal tone to maintain interest which makes the titles just as important. The more interesting your material is, the more readers you will attract. An unattractive blog is a wall of words which blocks readers from reading further. A good one is broken down into readable sections and each has its own subtitle. The content should also be broken down into understandable chunks or paragraphs. At most a single paragraph should not have more than 75 words to remain readable.

Promote your blog

No matter how great your content is, your blog won’t be able to promote itself. The best way to do that is to share your posts on social media to specific audiences on your business page on Facebook and other platforms. Sending a newsletter with exclusive posts to your contact list each month will also keep the ball rolling and keep your services at the forefront. Plus, linking the blogs to your personal email signature will make sure potential clients can contact you. In addition, do not ignore emails you receive asking for advice. In fact, you can make them a regular part of your blog to ensure readers return for answers. This way you can build credibility and solidify your reputation as an approachable and informed agent. While focusing on buyers and sellers may be tempting, you will miss out on other audiences which might generate more revenue. Therefore, make sure your blog is comprehensive enough to attract both.

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