Tips for Preparing a Home for Resale

Posted On: April 5, 2018
Prepare a home for resale Even if you are in a hurry to sell your home, the biggest mistake you can make is listing it without any preparations. Unless your property stands out from other staged homes, it might not sell well or at all for that matter. Before the first buyer enters your home, consider the following options to ensure it sells at a good price.

Get a Home Inspection Done

A home inspection can tell you a lot about your home, and this includes hidden issues that might reduce its price. A pre-sale inspection by an authentic home inspector will warn you about issues that might put off potential buyers. Click To Tweet

This includes maintenance issues that might not seem as important to you but will raise a red flag with buyers. Be proactive and get some repair work done before placing your home on the market. Depending on the state you live in, you might have to disclose the results of the inspection.

Get Estimates

If the home inspection uncovers some issues that need necessary repairs, make sure you find out how much they will cost you, and add them to the price. The numbers you get will help buyers determine how much they can afford. They will appreciate it if you can also gather user manuals and warranties for common items that need repairs, such as the dishwasher, furnace, and dryer.

Clear Out the Clutter

The worst thing that potential buyers can see in a house for sale is clutter. Remember, they will imagine themselves living in your home. Dirty dishes on the counter and toys scattered on the floor will interfere with that fantasy. Prevent them from turning away by clearing your counters, and cleaning out all of the closets by packing clothes and toys away from sight. Consider installing closet organizers to increase space and place awkward or large pieces of furniture in storage. Store all of the boxes in your garage before the showing as well. This way, buyers will have a clear view of everything your home has to offer.

Take Care of Minor Repairs

In some markets, home owners can sell their property in its present condition. However, in a normal market, repairs can mean the difference between a good and bad sale. Here are some essential ones you should make before a showing:
  • Fix leaky or damaged faucets
  • Replace cracked tiles on the walls and floors
  • Fix doors, cupboards, and drawers that don’t close properly
  • Patch holes in walls
  • Give a new paintjob to rooms with cracked or peeling paintwork
  • Replace light bulbs that are burned out
  • Replace worn bedspreads with new ones
Also, here are the items you can pass on to your client that will increase the likelihood of a sale at a good price.

Keep the Décor Simple

The simpler the décor, the easier it will be for buyers to picture themselves living in your home. Certain artwork and decorative accouterments might turn off people who have different tastes. For example, replacing modern artwork with a simple landscape painting will reduce the severity of the décor. Similarly, covering up animal print sofas with tasteful slipcovers will also be a good idea. Removing personal items such as family photos that are hanging in the hallway or your kids’ artwork on the fridge will also de-personalize the home. It will give buyers a clean slate to look at so to speak.

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