Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Job Search

Posted On: January 24, 2018
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If only landing a job was as easy as searching for one online. Unfortunately, securing a job interview, much less a job, is a tedious, laborious, time-consuming, and exhaustive process. The fact is, job hunts are getting tougher by the day, if not by the minute, and anyone who isn’t ready to face the challenge is likely to be left behind in the dust. So what can one do to boost their job search, and actually land a job successfully before they find themselves perpetually on the shelf? Try the following tips to increase your chances of progressing in your career.


You wouldn’t think it, but there’s considerable research involved in a successful job hunt. And no we don’t mean just looking up jobs on different online portals. Before you apply for a job opportunity, it’s important to carefully evaluate the job that you are applying for. It’s not about just randomly sending your resume to as many places as possible; it’s about targeting and applying for the correct jobs because the fact is, it’s very difficult to integrate with a work environment that doesn’t necessarily resonate with you, your experience, or your skill set. So, check the job validly and research the company, position on offer, corporate culture, and job requirements. Use all this information to weigh just how well would the company in question affect you and how would you affect the company.


Given the digital invasion in our lives, everything that we do pretty much is through the internet, including job searches. While searching for career opportunities and applying for one online is all well and good, networking in person is known to exponentially boost one’s chances of successfully securing a job. It is understandable that you’d rather prefer to stay behind the computer screen, sending your resume everywhere, but it’s recommended that you venture out instead. Meet colleagues, friends, acquaintances, and other business contacts and communicate with them. It’s quite possible that they might be able to refer you for a job opening in their own organization. Remember, employee referrals are a big thing, contributing significantly towards the hiring process. There are various job searching platforms and local support groups that you can consider joining as well. Dropping your resume in person also has its benefits.

Prepare Well

Once you’ve specified and targeted your job search, you’re bound to find relevant career advancement opportunities. However, before you actually apply for the job and subsequently appear for the interview, it’s essential that you prepare for it thoroughly beforehand. This preparation involves:

  • Updating the resume with current and valid information
  • Tailoring your resume, and customizing it for the particular job you wish to apply for
  • Proofreading your resume several times to avoid typos, spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes as well as clichés
  • Knowing the job requirement and job description
  • Understanding the company and corporate culture
  • Being well-dressed, confident, and courteous during the interview

Learn a New Skill

One of the things that tend to hold people back when on a job hunt is the lack of sufficient experience or skill that fits the job criteria. In case you haven’t had any luck in finding a relevant job in your career of choice, it’s not necessary that you consider switching your field altogether. You can make yourself valuable to your industry by learning a new skill set or polishing your old ones by taking advanced courses before applying for a new job. To do this, it’s important to educate yourself about the possibilities open to you in any given field. You can accomplish that either by returning to your previous institution of knowledge, get a CTP library subscription, or join a career training program.

Follow up

To boost your job search, it’s important to follow up with your prospective employees after you’ve applied for a particular position and have appeared for an interview. Being vocally assertive in displaying that you consider yourself a strong fit within the corporation does much to not only show your clear interest in the job but also ups your chances of landing it. If anyone has told you otherwise, dismiss it and know that there is nothing wrong with being direct and asking for the job. Therefore, if a few days pass by post-interview without you having received a reply, don’t be afraid to reach out via either a phone call or an email to find out whether you are still being considered for the position. As long as your messages are brief, polite, and convey your interest, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

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