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Tips to Get Hired in the Digital Age

Michelle Roebuck June 13, 2017 0

Twenty-first century job searches begin and end online. You search open job postings on numerous sites and submit applications and resumes online too. Job seekers are also searching for jobs on their phones as they’re going through their day. That means more competition. Consider these tips to get hired in the internet age.

Search Early and Often. Hiring in the digital age is faster, with recruiters receiving dozens of applications and resumes online within a day of posting a new opening. Search frequently so you don’t miss that great job. You want your resume to be in the first batch they see. Many professional and job search sites allow you to set up alerts if particular types of job openings are posted.

Focus your search on the careers and fields for which you have the most interest and qualifications. Don’t apply for every job, but don’t get hung up on strict job titles. Think broadly about how your skills and experience can be applied to different positions.

Use Social Media. Use Twitter to follow companies, participate in discussions, build relationships, and connect with professionals and employers in the industry. Networking and cultivating referrals is one of the best ways of getting to the top of the application pile.

Get a Little Creative with Resumes. You’ll want to stand out, while still appearing professional, in a crowd of over 100 resumes. Tweak the font, layout, and color of your resume to make HR managers linger and take a second look. Add personality to your cover letter to be memorable. Look for ways to show off your talents and skills. Cover letters and resumes are often filled with vague, boring words. Illustrate those skills. Some job seekers have turned their applications into Infographics and YouTube clips.

Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile. Recruiters use LinkedIn as a sourcing tool, so you cannot neglect it. Review and update every section, add more information and proficiency, and use the tools available. Make yourself more visible to employers you want to attract; follow companies and organizations, interact with other members, and join groups.

Keywords. When applications are submitted online, programs analyze them for keywords and automated recruiters may be searching the web for the perfect candidate based on an algorithm.  When you find a job you want to apply for, read the job description several times, highlighting the skills and experience you possess. When you’re drafting your resume, try to use the same keywords and phrases employed in the job posting. Be honest but remember that many abilities are transferrable across careers and industries.

Monitor Your Web Presence. More employers these days are looking at the social media pages of job applicants. Update your information and professional looking profile pictures on all the platforms. During the time you’re job hunting, if you want to post pictures of that drunken bachelorette party, keep that account private.

Use the Internet to Research Industries and Employers. Employ the power of the internet to learn as much as you can about your desired field and career. You’ll of course use sites like LinkedIn and Indeed to look for job openings, but once you’ve found some, research the company. Then tailor you cover letter and resume to that company’s needs and culture. Analyze the words and phrases that commonly turn up in the postings for the job you want. Use this language in your resume as much as you honestly can.

Prepare for Phone and Video Interviews. Some employers like to conduct the first interview on the phone or via video. Practice answering questions for these mediums. Draft an outline of your top skills and achievements as well as well-thought out answers to common interview questions.

Expand Your Skills. While you’re searching for the right job, take opportunities to network with people in the industry, add more experience, and expand your skills. Volunteering, freelancing, and internships are great ways of acquiring more relevant experience and developing contacts in your field.



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