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Tried and Tested: Top 10 Resume Tips

360training.com April 20, 2015 0

Top 10 Resume TipsAn effective resume is much more than a simple listing of your job skills and experience. At its best, your resume presents a clear portrait of who you are professionally and what you want out of your career in the future.

Are you ready to find the best career that suits your skills and interests? Take a look at these tried and tested resume tips to help you take your first step towards winning your dream job and carving out a solid career:

1. Proofread. Then Proofread Again.

Attention to detail is critical on your resume. So you really need to make sure that your resume is grammatically perfect. A typo will only detract from all the fantastic skills and work history that you are reporting. Use an online grammar checker, ask a friend to take a look at it, then review it one more time before printing or hitting “send.”

2. Add an Objective or Purpose Statement.

Letting your prospective employer know your big-picture goal(s) gives them a quick and succinct idea of why you’re the perfect fit for their position. Skilled hiring managers can spot a canned objective statement right away.

3. Keep Your Resume Professional.

In addition to having a clean copy without typos, keep your resume simple. Skip graphics or photographs. Remember, you are creating a portrait with your words, so you don’t need anything that might distract your reader.

4. Does Your Resume Look Good?

Hand-in-hand with a professional look is a visually appealing resume. Make sure to use easily legible fonts and avoid conflicting format settings. Ask another reader to confirm if everything looks good at a glance.

5. List Your Accomplishments.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself with your resume—but try not to get caught up in the trap of listing your job duties alone. Instead, describe what you gained from your job duties—incorporate what you learned, how you helped others, and how you were successful.

6. Enrich Your Job Experience with Continuous Learning.

Take training courses through your job or on your own time to enrich the work that you do. Learn about project management or a new software program. Anything you can do to show your commitment helps.

7. Awards are for Sharing!

If you have won awards that are related to your work, your resume is not the place for modesty. Let your prospective employer know about any positive recognition you have received.

8. Keep it Brief.

No matter how extensive your work history or educational background is, your resume must not exceed two pages. Hiring managers often sift through large piles of resumes, so you want to make it as brief as possible while still including the most important details.

9. Choose Words Carefully.

Modern hiring managers often use databases and search tools to filter the resumes they receive. To make the cut, you need to carefully read their job posting. Make sure you include words which reflect that you understand the job they are offering and how you are uniquely qualified.

10. Verify Contact Information.

Since you put your contact information on everything, it’s easy to assume it’s always the same. Your resume is a place where you don’t want to assume anything. Pore over your contact information as intently as you review the rest of your resume to make sure that you get the call!








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