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Top 3 Kitchen Trends to Look Out for in 2014

James clark December 9, 2013 0

kitchen for 2014The coming New Year signals a new start for everyone! And in the spirit of having a new beginning (by way of remodeling your humble abode), you might want to consider starting remodeling your kitchen then work your way outward. After all, the kitchen is where most of the complex construction and design work are spent on and it only makes sense to remodel it first above everything else.

Zillow.com’s Zillow Digs Home Design Trend Report for 2014 forecasts the design trends that are likely to take over the following year. If you plan on improving your home listing through Pinterest, or social media for that matter, posting photographs of your newly remodeled kitchen with the following trends applied can help make your home one of the hottest properties in your area. We provided a quick summary of said trends below:

1. Open-Shelving and Cabinet Doors with Glass Inserts

Kerrie Kelly, a member of Zillow Digs Board of Designer and a Zillow trend report contributor, sees the above two traditional elements surfacing again in 2014. Open shelves and glass cabinet installations are a great way to showcase kitchenware and items that represent your very own kitchen style. As for the materials, it’s up to the home owner on what type of glass or paint color he or she opts to use—but Kelly emphasizes on using “only one or two materials.”

2. Black Counter Tops

Black counter tops, which are often a staple to contemporary and urban homes and condominium units, are expected to crop up in a number of residential homes next year as more home owners incorporate urban chic to their kitchen. Black granite and quartz are two of the most popular materials for black counter tops.

3. Darker Paint Colors

Gone were the days when most homeowners veer away from using darker color palettes for their home, worrying that it will make their home gloomy or too “old.” In fact, according to the said Zillow trend report, most homeowners think of dark brown, red and copper tones as popular paint colors.

Remember, however, that when redesigning a kitchen, function should always come first. As interior designer Jacqui Hargrove tells Reader’s Digest, there’s really no ideal kitchen shape, but what makes all the difference in redesigning a kitchen is planning the right triangle, i.e. the sink, refrigerator and kitchen top. “It doesn’t matter if the kitchen is a galley, or U or L-shaped. Make sure the sink, fridge and cooktop is within 6 feet of each other for ease of movement,” she told Reader’s Digest.

Stay tuned for more of our home design trends forecast for 2014, here at 360training.com. Hargrove


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