What is a "Top Producer"?

Posted On: December 23, 2015
Real Estate Top Producer

Recently, the sales awards magazine issued their accolades to the real estate top producers. The goals for agents are to get as high on the list as possible, generate more business, and build credibility in the real estate industry. Many people, especially the consumers, believe there are major advantages to working with the top producer. They assume that the agents on the list have some kind of magic that will help them sell their homes for a higher price within a shorter period.

Benefits of working with a Top Producer

  • Experience

It’s a safe bet that most top producers have seen more deals than other real estate agents. Top producers know how to deal with difficult situations because they have a deep well of experience to draw upon.

  • Professionalism

You would think that top producers could not get to the top of their field if they were unskilled and incompetent, so there must be some security in working with the best.

  • Business acumen

You may notice that top producers treat their work like a business. For them, real estate is not just selling a house, but something they brand. They allot resources, manage, and grow. They think about not only ways to grow their business, but also about how to sell in the future.

  • Focused and positive

Top producers get to the top by being focused and positive about real estate transactions.

Disadvantages of working with a Top Producer

  • No personal touch?

Most of the top producers head up a team of people, leveraging the power of delegation to goose their numbers. Their team members help them get everything done and bring in more business.

  • Bestselling, not the best service

The top producers get to the top of the list by closing the most deals or landing the big dollar listings, not necessarily for serving their clients well. Only a good agent in the field “sells” real estate half the times than on an average.

  • Too busy for you

​​​​​​​When agents are handling more than four listings, it becomes more difficult to handle the requests. If the top producers make use of team members to deal with scheduling conflicts, then there will still be some continuity in the work.

Conclusively, top producers in the field can offer some outstanding benefits and experience to consumers. It is also true that sometimes the title itself can be a crude indication of narrowly defined success (sales volume) and not customer satisfaction.  

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