Top Traits of Top Real Estate Agents

Posted On: November 13, 2017
top traits for top agents Real estate agent isn’t a job for everyone. It’s a little unusual, with irregular hours and mobile offices. Days, evenings, and weekends, you have to be “on” and responsive to calls and texts from clients and agents. Do you have what it takes to be a top real estate agent? Of course, you need enthusiasm for real estate and a desire to help people. You have to be a great salesperson. In the internet age, you need enough tech skills to market yourself and property. And clients hire agents because for their knowledge of the market and the sales process. Also, read more tips on how to become a real estate agent. All that is the basic stuff all agents should have. But which traits will put you over the top and into the realm of rockstar agent?
  1. Excellent Communicator: In the real estate business, you’ll be interacting with different types of people from different backgrounds and with varying knowledge of real estate. Successful agents are skilled communicators, clearly explaining complex processes and concepts to clients and customers.
  1. Detail Oriented: Agents juggle tons of challenges in just one transaction from listing presentations to showing and staging to negotiations and closings. Your ability to keep on top of details like deadlines, documents, and contingencies can make or break a deal.
  1. Self-Motivated: Most agents are independent contractors basically running their own small business. They’re their own boss. When you have to handle your accounting, marketing, prospecting, filing, and client services, it is crucial that you are highly self-motivated and energetic.
  1. Persistence: You need a lot of persistence to succeed in the real estate biz. Sellers often interview several agents before they sign a listing agreement. Every time you do a listing presentation, you risk rejection. That tenacity is also necessary for the constant prospecting for new leads and negotiating the best deal for your clients.
  1. Ethical: State laws impose high ethical standards on real estate licensees, including fairness and honesty. The agency relationship is fiduciary; it’s built on trust. Property sales and leasing involve several legal issues such as fair housing, environmental laws, disclosure requirements, and financing and settlement. A strong sense of ethics is essential to navigate these legal waters.
  1. Personable: Real estate is really about people. Appealing to people on a personal level helps agents discover what clients and customers need. Buying and selling real estate can be an emotional process. An amiable personality can smooth thorny issues, relieve stress, and persuade prospective clients and buyers.
  1. Intelligent: Economics, local real estate markets, financing equations, closing calculations, contract law, and appraisal methods. An agent needs to know about all that and more. There are so many opportunities to learn more about real estate. A successful agent never stops learning.
  1. Skilled Time and Task Manager: At any time, you may be handling multiple clients and transactions at different stages. You’ll also constantly be developing new leads for future business. As an agent, you are expected to fulfill several roles including advocate, adviser, and counselor. A top agent effectively organizes tasks and knows what can be delegated to assistants.
  1. Assertive: Most successful agents are extroverted or great at faking it. In a business that requires constant hustle and tenacity to get new clients and buyers, polite aggressiveness is a valuable trait. A willingness to take the initiative is also crucial to successful negotiations.
  1. Creative: Doing what everyone else does might be enough to get by. But to be a top producer, you have to color outside the lines a bit. Lots of consumers think agents are all the same. In a sea of similar listings, the smart agents look for ways to stand out. You can explore your creative side when you’re designing marketing materials, implementing promotional campaigns, and staging houses.
Quite the interesting personality profile, right? Some of these characteristics people are born with, but others you can develop with hard work and intention. Real estate sales is a field of self invention and self-improvement. It takes a lot of drive and optimism to keep hustling for the next lead and the next sale. But with the traits above, you’ll work your way up to being the top real estate agent in your market.

Real estate sales is a field of self invention and self-improvement. It takes a lot of drive and optimism to keep hustling for the next lead and the next sale. Click To Tweet

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