Tricks for Staging a Home for Less

Posted On: April 5, 2018
Staging a Home for Less Contrary to popular belief, staging a home does not have to be expensive. If you are selling your home, you can stage it on a limited budget as well. Here are some ways that can help you save money while ensuring your property looks sale-worthy.

Have a Plan Ready

Before creating a long list of repairs and maintenance work that might overwhelm you, talk to a professional who is involved in real estate. This way you can find out which repairs you should prioritize, and what isn’t worth the money and effort.

An agent can tell you exactly which aspects of your home will get noticed during a showing, and which ones you can ignore.  You will save money in the bargain which might otherwise be wasted on unnecessary repairs. Click To Tweet

Paint a Few Rooms Only

Even if all of the rooms in the property need a fresh coat of paint, you can reduce costs and effort by prioritizing the main areas. This includes the kitchen, master bedroom, the entryway, and the exterior - areas which potential buyers always check out. If those rooms look clean and fresh, it will go a long way in increasing the perceived value of the property. In case you are really short on cash, consider painting those rooms yourself and save even more money.

Borrow Furniture - Don’t Buy It

If a couple of rooms in your home look empty or sparse, consider borrowing a few pieces of furniture from friends or family members. They may have unused ones in their attic or basement that will fill up those spaces well. Some sellers like yourself may have a few extra pieces that they might be willing to rent out for staging efforts. This is much better than buying new furniture which buyers may not even like. It will save you money, and increase the value of the house at no cost.


There is a reason why hotels always look warm and welcoming. Everything is cleaned regularly to appeal to guests. The same should be the case for a property you are selling. Dust, mop, sweep, and wash everything that buyers will see when they come for a showing. Even your pets should look presentable, especially if the potential buyers have their own pets. Every nook and cranny should be cleaned thoroughly. Buyers will be investigating the property inside and out, and imperfections or dirt will turn them off. Hide chipped paint with a fresh coat, and replace old carpets with fresher ones you can borrow from a friend or family member. Ask someone to assess your work before you have a showing for buyers. If they spot something you missed, chances are your buyers will see it too. All of this can be done free of cost if you are smart about it.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Once your home is sparkling clean from top to bottom, don’t seal it off from the elements. Buyers prefer homes that have a lived-in feel to them. Take advantage of natural lighting rather than expensive and artificial options.

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