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Using Social Media to Bolster Your Business

Editorial Team September 6, 2013 0

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As the real estate market rebounds in many areas, it is important for realtors to be at the top of their game and attract as many customers as possible.  Technologically speaking, it has never been easier to attract customers and leads using social media.  It is possible to connect with thousands of people with little effort using a few strategic activities on various social sites.  Trust me, it is a lot easier than some may believe.

Twitter can be a place to locate a local base of followers.  One strategy for finding these followers is to follow local celebrities, business owners, and politicians.  These people tend to have many local followers.  Adding these people to your circle provides a local audience for your posts about listings and short sells.  Attention grabbing tweets can bring your listings to the attention of potential buyers, or even better help spread the word to potential buyers through reposts or word of mouth.

It’s no secret that many realtors rely on referrals from happy customers.  A satisfied customer will send family and friends in your direction when it’s time to buy or sell a home.  What better way to connect with friends and family than with Facebook?  Now here’s where being strategic about your approach is important.  Don’t be that annoying person trying to sell constantly on Facebook.  Instead, make interesting posts about your listings or prospects.  When listing a property, post a picture and tag the seller.  Follow through and thank the seller when the property sells.  The same can be done with buyers.  By tagging clients, you make your business connection public, and you are not begging for business.

You can also advertise on Facebook.  One inexpensive way to do this is to advertise per click.  Meaning you only pay if someone clicks on the advertisement.  While not everyone will click on your advertisement, thousands will see it.  It is a great way to spread your brand without breaking the bank.

Another great idea is to film your listings and post them on YouTube.  These films can be shot easily, point out great features of the property, and be seem by countless people.  Once posted, these videos can take on a life of their own.  Long after a property sells, people will still be viewing these videos.  This of course is another form of advertisement that does not cost you a penny.  The trick is to title the videos using keywords that will make them pop up on Google searches.  The title should reference real estate in your area, the address, and popular phrases that people may be searching for.  For example, “Austin, TX Real Estate Hot Short Sale 1234 Any Street” would one suggestion for listing a short sale in Austin.

Social media if used correctly can bring you many leads.  These are just a few of the options realtors have available to them today.  Use them wisely and watch your clientele grow.  There are many classes available to help you learn other ways to use social media effectively.  Now would be a great time to learn what these programs have to offer.


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