5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Career During the Holidays

Posted On: December 29, 2014
Ways to Boost Your Career Opportunities

The holidays are filled with merriment, laughter, and family reunions. Many people utilize this time of year to relax, refresh, and reflect. What many don't realize is that it's also a great time to boost careers actively.

So take life by the reins and give yourself a holiday gift you'll not want to return: the next step in your career! To make the most of your holiday, check out our five tips:

Tip # 1: Subscribe to a Career-Relevant Resource

The internet is more than just the most distracting thing known to mankind; it's also remarkably resourceful for those who want to advance their careers. Everyone online can have access to better information and resources. There are now tons of career-specific content for people to explore.

While enjoying the holiday, sign up for newsletters or subscribe to trade magazines. Though physical magazines are great to have, digital editions are more easily accessible and less prone to cluttering your living space. Find what's relevant to you and start basking in the knowledge immediately.

Tip # 2: Further Your Education

Take the previous tip to the next level by enrolling in a relevant educational program. Online courses, both free and paid, are abundant online. They can be directly relevant to your field of work or can train you in a related skill that's certain to impress co-workers or prospective employers.

Helpful skills include faster typing, basic HTML and CSS coding, and proper management of popular word processors. Expanding your horizons will help to set you apart from the competition.

Tip # 3: Connect with a Mentor

Climbing up the corporate ladder is as much about socializing as it is about hard work. By connecting with a mentor over the holidays, you can establish or strengthen a bond that can pay off both literally and figuratively. Connecting with possible mentors doesn't necessarily mean "poking" them on Facebook, following them on Pinterest, or retweeting on Twitter.

All it takes is a friendly, professional email. Ask mentors for advice via email, or, depending on your pre-existing relationship, ask if they'd like to grab a cup of coffee sometime to discuss work-related topics. They can be trusted colleagues (and possible references) who can give you that much-needed push.

Tip # 4: Maintain Part-time Projects or Work

No one likes homework. However, doing extra work at home allows you to get a leg up on everyone else who's enjoying some "free time." If your job allows it, take work home or prepare for upcoming work.

Superiors will eventually take notice of your initiative. At the very least, organize your work so you can really hit the ground running when you return. This may include emptying file cabinets or finally clearing out your jam-packed email inbox.

Tip # 5: Plan Your Next Step

The best way to achieve your next goal is to visualize it. It may sound corny, but it works. Write down whatever your next work-related goal is, post it where you can see it, and take whatever steps necessary to get there. These previous tips can help you get there.  Impress friends and family this holiday by showing them that you do, in fact, have a plan.  

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