5 Easy Ways to Enrich Your Job

Posted On: April 6, 2015
Ways to Enrich Your Job

At times, keeping your job interesting rests directly on your shoulders. While some bosses try to find ways to keep things interesting and help you continue your upward trajectory, many bosses feel plenty of pressure of their own and just want you to take care of your projects and tasks.

This doesn't mean they don't want you to improve and grow in your position. It's just that they rely on you to take steps toward growth on your own. You might wonder just how you can find ways to enrich your job on your own, without adding too greatly to your workload.

That's right. You have to toggle the line between asking for more depth and meaning to your work without ending up with a desk that’s overloaded with new work. Fortunately, it isn't as difficult as it might seem. Prepare to step up your game at work—making things more interesting and fulfilling—by trying these 5 key steps to enrich your job:

1. Minimize Unnecessary Tasks.

Find ways to get rid of unnecessary tasks in your office. You probably see it all the time. People use five steps to solve a problem that only takes one or two steps, at most. One example of doubling efforts involves filing. Keeping electronic and hard copies of your files takes up time, effort, energy, and space that you and your team could spend elsewhere.

Propose the elimination of paper file storage, along with suggesting other ways to make it seem less stressful for colleagues who feel that using paper is a safer method. This type of enrichment project helps you work on your interpersonal skills since you need your co-workers on board. It also improves your confidence when approaching managers about an idea that they might need help accepting at first.

2. Ask for Cross-Training Experience.

If you note that your department suffers from a chronic lack of personnel, but cannot afford to hire someone new, step up and pitch in by offering to learn a new task or two. Let your boss know that you simply want to help out the team in a pinch while gaining valuable career training that can help you grow in your position in the company.

3. Give Feedback to Your Managers or Supervisors When Asked.

It is so easy to fall into the line of thinking that you just want to get along and not rock the boat. However, when your boss asks you for honest feedback about office policies and practices, speak up. This not only helps to improve your communication skills but also helps to showcase your critical thinking skills.

Of course, make sure to speak diplomatically and in an upbeat manner. So if your boss asks you about the effectiveness of a certain project, say what is on your mind in the most constructive way.

4. Identify Key Tasks and Prioritize.

Basically, make sure that you figure out the best way to get everything done on time. More importantly, find ways to get everything accomplished as efficiently as possible, so you can find new projects or see if you can pitch in elsewhere.

The more time you have after finishing your work increases the possibility of learning something new. Don’t hesitate to let your boss know that you have time to take a special training session or seminar.

5. Find Your Own Path to Enrichment.

Sometimes you have to find your own path toward enrichment, so take a class or some extra training on your own time to strengthen your skills in the office. Impress your boss with some new tidbit of knowledge and, if they ask how you know the new software inside and out, you can tell them you took that extra step on your own.   

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