Ways to Ensure Safety in the Workplace for Your Employees

Posted On: April 11, 2018

Workers who are provided a safe and healthy workplace are more productive which is only good for business. In the mining industry, a secure work environment can literally mean the difference between life and death. Here are some ways miners or those who work in the mining industry can remain safe:

Respiratory protection

Workers who work in mines are exposed to airborne materials that can damage their lungs with consistent exposure. Black lung is common among coal miners since they breathe in dust and debris as they work in confined spaces. To ensure their lungs remain healthy, miners should be equipped with appropriate respiratory protection such as full face masks. These should keep dust from entering their lungs or stop them from inhaling debris in the mines. In some cases, advanced protective gear may be required. To determine this, site supervisors should determine the specific needs required in the workplace and advocate for protective gear that can ensure their health.

Hazard Communication

To ensure workers remain safe during a hazard, emergency communication standards should be established beforehand. This will ensure everyone is aware of potentially dangerous events and ensure their colleagues are aware of them too. A mining company should focus on improving this communication across the workplace. This includes visual hazard communication that can indicate safety concerns such as safety labels and signs. The main aim should be to ensure that workers are aware of potential danger at all times and how to communicate hazards in an efficient manner as and when needed.

Noise protection

All confined spaces can get quite noisy since sound is amplified especially in mines. The constant sound of drills and other heavy machinery can damage ear drums even if workers are not aware o fit. Most don’t notice hearing issues until after they are first exposed to it since it occurs slowly over a period of time. Over exposure to loud and persistent noise can also result in tinnitus (ear ringing), insomnia, concentration issues and also deafness. To prevent these conditions, work conditions in a mine should be examined via risk assessment practices. One of the things that can be done is to reduce noise exposure via specific controls at the source of the noise or the path where it is strongest. This includes absorption panels and devices that reduce vibrations. In addition, regular maintenance of heavy machinery can also reduce noise exposure and protective headphones can prevent workers from suffering hearing loss.

UV Exposure

Miners who work in open pits are at risk of UV radiation from the harsh rays of the sun. Long term exposure can also place them at risk of skin cancer which spreads fast and is incurable. The rays can also damage eyes permanently if workers do not wear protective eyewear. Short term exposure can still lead to health concerns such as dehydration, nausea and severe headaches. To prevent these health concerns, employers should conduct a risk assessment of all outdoor work to ensure workers are protected from the elements. For instance, to reduce UV exposure, they can re-organize shifts to avoid hours when the sun is at its peak. In addition workers should also be trained to remain aware of their safety in their line of work and wear protective gear at all times. Providing them medical checkups regularly and giving sick workers days off will ensure safe and productive work environment.

MSHA New Miner Training

According to MSHA or the Mine Safety and Health Administration, all mining contractors and miners must follow certain regulations that can ensure safe mining practices. This includes a yearly refresher course that goes into detail over protective measures. The package comprises of 27 courses in total which includes the mandatory 8 hours of compliance training as per MSHA regulations. Whether you are a miner, surface miner or mining contractor, you can start a new job with the best training. Since it can be taken online you can take the courses according to your schedule. The interactive courses are designed to be engaging and will help students remain safe and compliant whether they work above ground or below it. Sign up today and ensure your safety in a hazardous work environment.

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