Ways to Reduce Mining Accidents

Common Mining Fatalities Mining is a risky occupational activity. Frequently, mining accidents are triggered by equipment malfunctions, explosives, falls, slips, toxic gas leakages, and cave-ins. According to Mine Safety and Health Administration, inexperienced miners are more predisposed to accidents and injuries as compared to experienced miners. For instance, in a span of 18 months, 903 one-year or less experienced miners suffered injuries as compared to 418 miners with one to two years of mining experience. In any mining company, the miner’s safety should be the primary priority. Here are some of the ways to enhance mining accident prevention. Training and Education. Safety training for both experienced and new miners educates them about the risks of the mining occupation and how to reduce them. Beginner training should be offered to miners with fresh tasks. On the other hand, annual refresher pieces of training like mine safety training online should guide the mining industry to review the safety standards and measures, improvements, identifying job hazards, as well as reporting lapses. The federal legislation requires that you receive basic and yearly refresher training and maintain an effective training strategy. The MSHA offers you with guidance, materials, and assistance that allow you and other mining operators to meet the set training obligations. Through the MSHA refresher training online platform, they have made available important training material for your convenience and they review them frequently to ensure the materials are up to date. You should also be trained on how to handle and use high-tech tools through simulation programs. Additionally, simulation on mine emergencies helps you to enhance your preparedness enabling you to have a speedy response to actual accidents and emergencies. Wear Safety Equipment. There is a long list of safety equipment that you should always put on while in the mines. They include helmets, lanyards, harnesses, gloves, safety glasses, and gloves, among other protective gears. It is essential that you take personal precautionary measures by always wearing your safety gear whenever you are working in the mines. Moreover, MSHA strongly recommends that all mining businesses to make available appropriate protective equipment for their mining workers. Never Ignore an Impending Danger. Being cognizant of the fact that your working environment is entranced with hazards is the first step toward keeping yourself safe. Accepting that the mining sector is innately filled with danger will mean that you are alert all the time and watching out for your colleagues as well. Accidents with serious fatalities occur in a moment of negligence. Make use of Safety Mining Signs. Safety mining signs basically warn you of any possible hazard and encourage you to be careful at all times. These signs should precisely state the message to avoid confusion and they should be large enough to be read from a distance. Moreover, these warning signs should be put strategically in locations where accidents are most likely to occur. In fact, the execution of safe mining practices is a piecemeal without safety mining signs. Supervise Your Team. All miners are expected to follow safety measures without any exceptions. If you are a supervisor, you should supervise your team diligently and ensure that they are following and implementing the measures to the latter. You should be able to account for all your team members at every shift. On the same note, miners should be aware of the whereabouts of their colleagues once in the mines. Document Your Safety Procedures. You should always document your safety measures so that all team members can know what to do when disaster strikes. The safety measures should be clearly defined. Incidents that are likely to happen and their remedies should also be described when documenting the safety procedures. Besides, the document should be revised periodically to include the latest safety standards procedures. Safety attitude is the key to a safe and accident-free mining sector. Considering that mining accidents remain high and mostly fatal, there is a need to be more vigilant while you are working in the mines. While these accidents cannot be eliminated overnight, the tips aforementioned can greatly help to at least reduce the number of fatalities. MSHA Refresher Training Online

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