Weekly Roundup: Food & Beverage - May 25th | 360training.com Blog

Food and Beverage Learn more about current events and trends that may affect your industry in this week's round-up.
  1. Salt Shakers Disappearing from NYC Restaurant Tables
Fewer restaurants in New York City are providing salt shakers on their tables due to cheap salt, lack chef control, and crowded table tops.
  1. Amazon Prime Members Get Additional 10% Off Some Whole Foods Items
Amazon recently announced that Amazon Prime members will enjoy an additional 10% off sale items at Whole Foods stores.
  1. Romaine E. coli Outbreak Spreads to 32 States
The CDC confirms 172 people in 32 states have fallen ill after eating romaine, the source of which is still unknown.
  1. Chili’s Customers’ Data Compromised in Malware Attack
A data breach between March and April compromised the credit and debit card information of Chili’s customers.

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