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Friday News Round Up Learn more about current events and trends that may affect your industry in this week's round-up!
  1. Home Prices Rising Twice the Speed of Inflation and Pay
A shortage of homes in the U.S. is driving up prices twice as fast as inflation and pay, with house prices averaging 5% growth and earnings growth staying below 3%.
  1. 50% of Housing Markets Were Overvalued in April
With a 6.9% price jump nationwide, more than half of the largest U.S. markets were considered overvalued in April, including Houston, Miami, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
  1. Chicago Leads the Nation in Underwater Homes
A recent study has found that while most of the country has rebounded from the housing crisis, Chicago has more underwater houses that any other metro area.
  1. Rust Belt Cities See Epidemic Levels of Vacant Buildings
“Hypervacancy” stretching over blocks of neighborhoods has reached epidemic levels in formerly industrial cities in the Rust Belt.

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