What is a Green Vehicle?

Posted On: May 13, 2018
What is Green Vehicle
A Green vehicle is any vehicle which is designed to operate on fuel sources that do not pollute the environment and remain as efficient as their polluting counterparts. The aim is to reduce harmful emissions and enhance fuel economy that can protect the environment and still remain easy on the pocket.

A Green vehicle is any vehicle which is designed to operate on fuel sources that do not pollute the environment and remain as efficient as their polluting counterparts. Click To Tweet

When fossil fuels are burned, a large amount of pollutants such and carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. These are mainly to blame for rising temperatures and increasing damage to the ozone layer. The more fossil fuels we use, the more emissions we get and the more damage the environment sustains. The fact is that the resources we have are going to end someday. Green vehicles were made to ensure that we use those finite resources as efficiently and as little as possible. It was also an attempt to improve air quality in smog-filled and heavily populated cities by controlling the emissions being released in the atmosphere. However, besides reducing emissions, green cars are also designed to retain the energy that is usually lost in traditional car designs. It’s about making vehicles more efficient and allow more mile coverage with the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar power. That is how green vehicles are improving air quality by the day while burning fossil fuel does nothing but increase CO2 in the air. It also makes a significant difference when it comes to other chemicals and gases in the atmosphere. In other words, many of the impurities that are being scattered in the environment can be significantly reduced if we stop using those fuels and start using sustainable energy sources in vehicles.

What are Biofuels?

Before understanding biofuels we need to understand that fuels are a mixture of different chemicals. Creating biofuels can be tricky since there is always a compromise when it comes to creating a new type. Besides burning cleanly and they need to emit as few fumes as possible when it is being stored and transferred. In addition, it cannot leave large levels of deposits in engines or block them. Another issue with fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel is that we don’t have access to a finite source since they are created with crude oil. However, by watering down or diluting these fuels, we get a fuel that offers the best of both worlds and is more efficient and renewable.  This can be done by adding sustainable substances to the mix. These are known as alternative fuels which can be used in hybrids, electrical vehicles, compressed air vehicles, cars that use natural gas and those that use flexible fuel. Some vehicles also use fuels that are a mixture of biofuels and ethanol fuel. Cars which have large energy costs can reduce those by using alternative propulsion. This will increase engine efficiency, reduce petroleum consumption and ensure that the vehicle runs on renewable energy sources throughout its life such as biofuels. It will also allow drivers to remove items that will be rendered unnecessary thus decreasing weight and increasing fuel efficiency. Green vehicles also include those that function partially on alternative sources of energy rather than fossil fuels or which do not emit carbon as much as diesel or gas do.

ISO 14001:2015 Management Overview

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