What is Activity Hazard Analysis AHA?

How To Complete an Activity Hazard Analysis

A hazard refers to any activity that has the potential for harm if it is not controlled. By harm, we mean injuries and illnesses that can be prevented if those activities are conducted safely. Determining common ones as early as possible should be prioritized.

What is AHA (Activity Hazard Analysis)?

AHA or Activity Hazard Analysis is a document that allows employers and supervisors to manage, examine, and document risks involved in certain hazardous workplace activities. This includes:

AHA or Activity Hazard Analysis is a document that allows employers and supervisors to manage, examine, and document risks involved in certain hazardous workplace activities. Click To Tweet

  • Outlining the steps of each job along with its possible hazards, risk evaluation, control measures, required equipment, training requirements, and the personnel needed for it. All of this should be recorded in written form.
  • Reviews of the AHA document which must be reviewed and the content should be updated to cover workplace issues and operations. This should also address competent workers.
  • Creating communication measures between site safety health officers and workers. This should also include subcontractors and suppliers who are involved in the document’s creation.
  • In addition, risk prevention tools such as JHA or Job Hazard Analysis should not be ignored as long as employers have sufficient information to create an AHA.

Benefits of an AHA

An AHA can aid site workers, supervisors, and contractors in determining workplace hazards before it is too late. The results of the analysis can help them:

  • Incorporate appropriate preventive measures
  • Create relevant work procedures
  • Reduce workplace injuries and accidents
  • Create safety training opportunities
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Reduce compensation costs

How to Create an AHA

An AHA can be conducted to cover a range of workplace procedures and processes. By involving workers in the process, employers can get a better understanding of the risks involved, and create preventive plans accordingly. Once that is done, they should give priority to activities that:

  • Have high illness rates
  • May cause severe accidents
  • Have undergone some modifications
  • Require written instruction to perform

EM-385-1-1 USACE Safety and Health Training

Employees and contractors who have to follow EM 385-1-1 regulations need to be trained to ensure compliance. This will prevent a number of serious workplace injuries that can otherwise halt production. It will also help create the safest possible workplace for workers. The EM-385-1-1 USACE Safety and Health Training from 360Training is designed to provide those benefits. The course outlines the differences between CFR 1926 and 1910 regulations, and what can be done to ensure all teams work safely. Non-compliance to these regulations can result in hefty fines, so it is essential that each worker is given the proper training. This course can be taken online. Students, therefore, can take it as and when they want without the need of a supervising authority. Students who complete the course successfully will be able to:

  • Understand and follow the steps needed for EM-385 compliance
  • Understand the difference between CMR 1926 and 1910
  • Determine SSHOs on the worksite
  • Read and understand particular APPs or Accident Prevention Plans
  • Safely go through sites under EM385 regulations, and take their crew safely through them too

The main topics covered in the course include:

  • Electrical requirements in a worksite
  • Temporary facilities in the worksite
  • First aid requirements for all workers
  • Alterations made in EM385-1-1 in 2014
  • Working in confined spaces and the dangers involved
  • Working with on-site motor vehicles safely
  • Excavation and trenching requirements
  • How to handle hazardous material safely
  • Importance of PPE or Personal Protective Equipment
  • How to work at heights and use ladders

The course is taught by industry experts through 360Training.com. As a leading provider of e-learning courses across a range of industries, the training courses we offer assist thousands of working professionals across the globe. Like those courses, this one was also created by a highly competent instructional design staff that consults industry professionals for course material. Construction site personnel are constantly at risk when they are working. Ensure your workers remain safe from injuries and worse by signing up for the course today. It can be taken on the go and online so participants can study at their own pace, schedule, and convenience.  

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