What is Combined Cycle Technology?

Posted On: February 15, 2018

What is Combined Cycle Technology?

It is technology used in power plants to increase production. A power plant can generate 50% more electricity with combined technology than with a single-cycle power system. It uses waste steam that’s usually lost to generate additional electricity.

What Equipment is Involved in Combined Cycle Technology?

The typical equipment used in combined cycle technology includes:

  • Gas turbines
  • Waste heat recovery units for steam generation
  • Steam turbines
  • Condensers
  • Other auxiliary equipment

How Does Combined Cycle Technology Work?

Combined cycle technology is a dual-phase system in which two combustion turbine generators operate in conjunction with two heat-recovery steam generators.

What are the Two Phases?

  • First cycle: Two gas turbine generators burn natural or diesel gas to produce electricity.
  • Second cycle: Hot exhaust that’s usually lost during the process is captured. The heat-recovery steam generators boil water to produce steam, which then spins another turbine generator, producing more electricity.

How Do Gas Turbine Generators Work?

Air is compressed and mixed with fuel heated to high temperatures, which makes the gas turbines blades spin. This spinning energy is converted into electricity.

How Do Heat-Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) Work?

The exhaust heat from the gas turbine is captured by the HRSGs, which creates steam for the steam turbine. Additional energy is created when the steam turbine transfers its energy to the generator drive shaft.

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