Job-Site Behaviors We Should Be Learning from Dolphins

Job Site Behaviors

At the job-site, it’s often all too easy to look the other way. You see a fellow worker attempt something without the right PPE on, climb a ladder too high, or cut corners to save time, what do you do? Often, we do get the urge to say something, but come up with reasons to not speak up. Our mind runs away thinking: “he knows what he is doing”, or “she has always done it that way and has never had a problem”. Believe it or not, that type of thinking is a learned behavior. Naturally, we look out for each other. Our first reaction is to help one another. If you find that you have learned the opposite behavior, take a moment to consider the dolphin. Dolphins exhibit some of the most complex and advanced social behaviors in the animal kingdom. They thrive in the open water yet face countless dangers. Living within groups called pods, dolphins are able to maintain a long-term, coherent social unit through applying behaviors that protect the safety of each individual.

  • The larger adult males often roam the periphery of the pod, keeping an eye out for danger and helping to protect the weaker individuals.
  • They use what is known as “scouting behavior” where one dolphin will investigate unfamiliar territories or a nearby object and then report back to the pod if it is safe, effectively identifying hazards.

Through the application of a process known as Behavior Based Safety, you will be able to influence behaviors to maintain a safe workplace. This proven method has been used by companies around the world to adopt safe working practices. A safe group, or pod in dolphin terms, will be more productive, have less turnover, and boost employee morale. With heavy focus this year being placed on employers to either improve the safety at their sites or pay the price, a Behavior Based Safety Program will drive results. is proud to release our Behavior Based Safety Certification Program. This 30-hour online interactive certification teaches the skills needed to identify and change learned behaviors.  Using behavior analysis, trend reporting, and coaching, employers can eliminate unsafe work practices and replace them with behaviors to keep the workforce safe.

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