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How Training and Certification Increase Opportunities

One of the most worthwhile training and certification programs right now is EM385. It opens the door to a broad range of federally funded government contracts and results in greater increases in income.

Training and Certification


There is a certain level of prestige attached to completing training and receiving certification. It can be the finishing touch to acquired job skills, knowledge and experience Click To Tweet

There is a certain level of prestige attached to completing training and receiving certification. It can be the finishing touch to acquired job skills, knowledge and experience. Federally funded government contracts for certain types of government projects usually require certification. This is a result of projects planned under U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) jurisdiction in compliance with their guidelines that requires a Site Safety Health Official (SSHO) onsite.

From Training and Certification to a World of Opportunities

If there is one major benefit of training and certification, it is the knowledge gained by working within government contracts. You learn how to transition your skills and experience as a safety and health manager for site projects for the private sector to the types of projects most frequently put out for bid by the government. One result of filing an application to bid on a federally funded government project is that certification implies higher health and safety ranking over and above your competitors for government projects. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Department of Energy focus greater attention on contractors with certifications as a means of ensuring health and safety for each approved project. Useful Certification for Military Projects The value of your training and certification is proven when military projects are put out for bid by the Department of Defense (DOD). These projects are often highly proprietary and require this specific certification. Your training and certification may take you to military weapons facilities where knowledge of safety and health compliance regulations are essential. It may also take you to military storage sites where various types of military equipment is handled by staff and also where there is military aircraft and airfield operations. "Out of This World" Space Projects One of the more exciting elements of having training and certification is when a project takes you to a federally funded space project where your training will be applied to ensure safety at space launch sites at Cape Canaveral, Vandenburg or the Kennedy Space Center. There are also several job opportunities at several early warning space sites and military bases linked to the U.S. Space Program.

Onsite SSHO

Since every federally funded government project requires an onsite Site Safety Health Official (SSHO), as an added feature of utilization your training and certification, there may be a need for a manager or supervisor who monitors a staff of SSHOs for unusually large, complex, government projects. The main duties as SSHO manager or supervisor is to act as a guide to implement OSHA and USACE compliance regulations regarding safety and health. Also, the SSHO manager or supervisor is required to document issues of non-compliance and reinforce and support SSHOs who may have jurisdiction over a number of projects within the main government project. For example, when USACE put out a bid for a major construction project for levees destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, the SSHO manager parceled out several aspects of the work involved in reconstruction. One SSHO may be responsible for performing site inspections. Another may be charged with the duty of inspecting equipment and ensuring operators are qualified to use heavy construction equipment. Another SSHO may be needed to oversee storage of construction supplies. All would report their findings and documentation to the SSHO manager or supervisor onsite.

Take Your Training and Certification

Whenever there are construction or reconstruction projects planned by the federal government, there is a need for trained and certified professionals with knowledge of health and safety compliance for workers, equipment, operators of equipment and storage and disposal of supplies. It is also important to review open bids for federally funded highway and railroad projects. These are two more places where your training and certification are required and provide a variety of opportunities. For these projects, check the Department of Transportation site at or your particular state department of transportation site. Another helpful resource to review compliance codes is the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (E-CFR) found at:

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