Where Can You Find Free OSHA Outreach Training Resources?

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The OSHA Outreach training program is designed to provide entry level workers about basic occupational health and safety. Here are some free OSHA Outreach training sources you can use:

eTools, eMatrix, Expert Advisors and v-Tools

eTools and eMatrix are independent online training tools that teach occupational health and safety topics. The modules offer illustrations and make use of extensive graphics to aid adult learning. This also includes expert system modules that allow users to put forward queries and get the advice they need regarding OSHA regulations which apply to specific work sites. Certain eTools can also be downloaded for offline use and v-Tools offer prevention video training tools. Users can also find additional reference materials and training sources from the Directorate of Training and Education (DTE) or access more training videos from the main website.

Developing and Delivering Effective Training

OSHA has more than 100 standards which require training. In fact, no workplace safety program can work if it is not backed by regular training and testing. This guide has tons of information which can help trainers create practical and effective training modules for workers across industries. Quality assurance can ensure employees receive instruction that can help them avoid workplace injuries and illnesses. In addition, it also motivates workers to advocate for safer workplaces and participate in each training class proactively.

Get Trained or Become a Trainer

This OSHA Outreach training program and resource provides workers basic and advanced training about common occupational safety hazards they can encounter on worksites. At the end of each course, students get a 10 or 30 hour completion card.

 At the end of each course, students get a 10 or 30 hour completion card. Click To Tweet

The 10 hour course is ideal for entry level workers and the 30 hour course is perfect for managers, site supervisors and employees who are looking for promotion opportunities. Both Outreach training programs cover hazards that workers can encounter on a work site. This includes avoidance, control, prevention and identification. The training programs are purely voluntary and the aim is to promote workplace safety and health. By completing these training sessions, workers gain more knowledge about their rights and hazards they should be protected from. Employers are responsible for ensuring employees have access to safety measures and equipment that can keep them safe as they work. With the Outreach training programs, workers can understand site specific hazards and the type of safety gear they need. Some of the benefits of the training programs include the following:
  • Active participation of workers with hands-on activities
  • Promotion of safety culture via peer to peer training
  • Access to training in several languages (Spanish, English, Polish etc)
  • Trainers are able to customize topics based on specific worker requirements
  • Workers are trained to recognize hazards, how to avoid them, their rights, employer responsibilities etc.
  • Workers learn how to file a complaint pertaining to safety violations.
Those who are looking for additional information can look it up on OSHA Safety and Health Topics resource section. The section has everything they need to know about regulatory and enforcement information, hazard determination and best practices for occupational health and safety.

Personal Protective Equipment and Workplace violence training

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is meant to reduce hazards that can otherwise cause serious bodily harm or illnesses. These can come about from contact with chemical, electrical, physical, radiological and other occupational hazards. Workplace violence refers to any threatening activity or disruptive behavior that can occur at a work site. It can include physical threats, verbal threats and even homicide. If it gets out of control, it can affect not only employees but also visitors and clients.

OSHA 10 Hour Construction Industry Outreach

The OSHA 10 Hour Construction training program is authorized by OSHA and is designed to offer entry level workers the basics about occupational safety and hazards on a worksite. Students who complete the course will learn about hazard avoidance, prevention, abatement and recognition. Besides learning about common safety hazards in the workplace, the course will also teach students about OSHA standards, the responsibilities of employers regarding worker safety and employee rights. Outreach Training Programs act as orientations to workplace safety and health for employees that can help them avoid injuries on site and save lives at the same time. Once they complete a course, students will receive their 10 hour OSHA card within 6 to 8 weeks. Sign up today.

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