Why It Pays To Be Nice As a Bartender

Bartender Over 600,000 bartenders existed in the United States in 2016. Growing from approximately 500,000 bartenders in 2010, the bartending industry in the US can be seen growing steadily. With new competition entering the bartending industry, it has become important for everyone to channel their vibe and become the most sought-after bartender in the area. If you were perhaps looking into adopting the hipster approach towards bartending, that trend has long gone; with a return to the good old “friendly-bartending.” Take this into consideration: You walk into a bar with this really cute guy from school. The last thing that you would want to experience right now is to be put down by a bartender; when all you wanted was a neat scotch. A piece titled “Buh-Bye Hipster: Why the Friendly Bartender is Making a Comeback” can be seen making rounds on the internet, covering all the many ways, the hipster bartender was a complete fail and simply made the customer feel awkward. The article notes, “Who doesn't like to tell the rich 55 year-old-guy when you're 25 that you know more than them? That jerk bartender mentality disseminated through a lot of levels.” Most of us hit our local bar to have a nice time. Thus, it is important for people on both sides of the bar to show the same level of respect.

Being a Nice Bartender Really Pays Off

Looking to become one of the big bucks bartenders? Treating every customer as if you’ve known them for all your life can help you make the best out of your job. Becoming a good bartender has great payoffs in the industry. The following are few reasons to bring out the “nice” in you:

·        Earn Generous Tips

With our good old friendly style of bartending making its comeback, being nice to your guests can help you win a piece of their heart and also their wallet. How you ask? People enjoy drinking either when they are happy or sad. Taking this into account, joining your guest in their good or bad times can allow you to appeal to their emotional side and bag a large amount of tips.

·        Networking Opportunity

Being a bartender, you get plenty of chances to network with some of the big guns in town. By offering them a friendly chit-chat, and holding up a good conversation can enable you to network with some elites of town.

Everything You Need To Know About Being a Good Bartender

A good bartender is a walking and talking example of a fine individual that knows the secrets of socializing, engaging customers, and offering the highest levels of customer services. Click To Tweet

While these skills are usually acquired by bartender training, the following are a few techniques that you should look into:

·        Put Your Ego Aside

Keeping your ego on the side and entertaining your guests can enhance their experience at the bar. While, a “leather-aproned and wax-mustached” bartender with a huge ego can appear rather fascinating in your imagination, in reality, this marked “hipster,” will take you nowhere in terms of tips.

·        Manage Your Tasks

Some bartenders have a lot on their daily list of tasks. From having to greet customers, providing them with drink menus, introducing them to the specials, checking identification, taking orders, preparing drinks and serving them – a typical bartender is swamped with tasks. Most guests would care very little about your responsibilities and expect a quick service from you. Therefore, it is important that you manage your tasks to meet their expectations.

·        Be Friendly To Your Guests

After an entire day of getting pushed around; by the boss, the lady on the train, and the folks waiting in line at the bodega, all your guests want is for them to be treated a little nicely. Perhaps a quick smile, or willingness to chat can improve the customer experience drastically. Effective bartenders understand that bartending is a job that requires delivering high quality of customer services in addition to maintaining a friendly and inviting appearance. By managing their guests and a friendly atmosphere to them, a bartender can not only secure large sums in tips but also build valuable connections that can come in handy during different events in life.

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