4 Little Wonders of Working from Home

Work from Home

The work-from-home phenomenon is gaining traction—and for good reason. Are you curious about the growing popularity of this work arrangement? You’re not alone! More employees (and employers) are discovering the little wonders of telecommuting. If you're searching for valid reasons to work from home, you don't need to search any further. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working from home.

Improved Productivity

Many jobs have tasks that can be completed from home. Contrary to popular belief, numerous experts have stated that working from home actually increases productivity. It's thanks to advancements in technology that telepresence is becoming more feasible for a growing number of the modern workforce. According to research, there are about 30 million Americans who work from home at least once a week—and that number is estimated to increase in the next few years. Another study conducted by Nicholas Bloom and James Liang found that employees who worked from home had higher productivity levels than those who worked in the office. One of the contributing factors is related to the quiet work atmosphere that workers are able to establish at home. Moreover, the work-from-home professionals actually worked longer hours—increasing the amount of work they were able to accomplish.

More Savings

It has long been known that telecommuting saves a substantial amount of money for both the employee and employer. Employees reduce transportation and other everyday costs: No need to spend on gas money, to buy expensive clothes to be “dressed for work,” or to eat lunch out for lunch. Say goodbye to miscellaneous expenses—and hello to more savings for that trip to Bali or wherever your heart desires! Employers should especially be aware of related cost-saving benefits of being able to telecommute. The Global Workplace Analytics conducted a study and found that “Washington-based federal employees who were able to telecommute during four official snow days saved the government approximately 32 million dollars.”

Better Work-Life Balance

Telecommuting gives you the opportunity to spend more time with what matters most. Instead of being stuck in traffic on your way to (or from) work, you can use that precious time to be with your family and friends. This eventually leads to a better work-life balance that significantly boosts the employee morale. When you’re happy to work, you’re less likely to leave your current job. It’s a definite win for you—and your company’s retention rate.


Ultimately, working from home is also a win for the environment. When more people telecommute, they use less fuel. With 2.9 billion gallons of gas being consumed each year in traffic jams, it makes perfect sense that telecommuting is environmentally friendly. According to a study made by the Consumer Electronics Association, telecommuting five times a week can save energy that is equivalent to 50% of an average household’s annual electricity consumption. From higher levels of job satisfaction to an increase in productivity, the pros of telecommuting go on and on. Do you have other reasons to work from home? Follow 360training’s blog for more tips!

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