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WordPress Plugins for Mobile Marketing

Editorial Team November 1, 2012 0

WordPress Plugins for Mobile MarketingFeel that earthquake?

Mobile technology is shaking the foundations of our industry. The seismic impact on real estate marketing means all the rules are changing, and that includes the way online classes for real estate are offered.

But what are these changes? And how can you keep your business on steady ground?

Real estate’s relationship with mobile technology is where its relationship with the Web was in the late 90s—in its infancy. Or at least in its terrible toddler years. You have a lot of new marketing tools at your disposal, so it’s time to get acquainted with them and what they can do for your business.

Industry insiders say 2013 will bring the shift from desktop to mobile Internet. An estimated 23 percent of traffic to brokerage sites already comes from mobile devices, so the shift has already begun.

As you may have noticed, websites that are not mobile-friendly are inconvenient to navigate with a smart phone or tablet. Given today’s short attention spans and the nature of mobile searches, an inconvenient website is a dead website. The easiest way to stay relevant is to shift to a mobile-friendly platform such as WordPress.

WordPress is an online publishing platform that is a hit with bloggers because it’s easy to use, easy to customize and has plugins that make blogs compatible with mobile technology. A “mobile switcher” plugin allows them to maintain the look and feel of their site and customize their site for a user’s specific device.

Here are some WordPress plugin recommendations you can try to make sure your blog or website looks great to people on the go:

Wapple Architect is easy to set up, but it can handle advanced configurations if you want to get fancy. The user isn’t redirected to a mobile version of your site, so the URL stays the same. This allows you to promote your business domain consistently. It seems to work well for Blackberries and older platforms, but critics say it doesn’t look as good on newer phones.

WPtouch delivers snazzy effects and content that loads dynamically. The interface includes an animated drop-down menu for previewing blog posts. It is not as robust as some of the other plugins (it has only one theme), and it supports fewer devices (the list includes iPhone, iPod touch, Samsung Touch, Android, Palm Pre, and BlackBerry Storm and Torch). But the iPhone application-style theme is an easy mobile solution that looks great.

WP Mobile Detector can recognize more than 5,000 mobile devices. The application has an analytics feature that records valuable data such as which mobile devices are accessing your site and which software versions these devices are running. It also offers advanced mobile stats such as unique visitors and mobile search engine bots. You can select from seven pre-installed themes or choose one you like.

WordPress Mobile Pack also has a variety of available themes to chose from. This plugin will allow you to edit the site or dash off a post when you’re on the move via a mobile admin pane. Images are automatically sized for phones. Some reviewers say WordPress Mobile Pack looks better in portrait mode (with the site displayed vertically) than in landscape mode (with the site displayed horizontally).

Short URL: http://bit.ly/2fcl3NJ

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