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Posted On: September 12, 2018
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Workplace safety is a real concern among corporations today, with more emphasis on providing a safe environment now than ever before. Employee awareness is the most important component in ensuring safety, as that provides employees with tools to tackle hazards more efficiently. While employee training programs also play a part, sometimes employees require onsite guidance and information. How can one provide quick guidance regarding a hazardous chemical to a worker onsite? Is there a way for employees to practically double check their measurements against what the standard says? A decade ago, employees had to leave the site and pick up the rulebook to get an answer, but not anymore. Thanks to technology, we now carry a world of information in our pockets. Smartphones have revolutionized everything, including workplace safety. Rather than carry heavy rulebooks and standards, workers can now carry apps in their phones with no extra weight, at lesser cost and which provides more information. There is a growing number of workplace safety applications on iOS devices that are dedicated to providing workers with general and specific information which helps them become more cautious and aware about their surroundings.

There is a growing number of workplace safety applications on iOS devices that are dedicated to providing workers with general and specific information which helps them become more cautious and aware about their surroundings. Click To Tweet

This article will look at some of the top workplace safety apps for iPhone. Mobile App for Hazardous Chemicals

First Aid App

American Red Cross is a huge organization which tends to a significant amount of workplace accident victims each year. They have the best experts, doctors, and surgeons that have provided valuable insight into developing this safety app called ‘First Aid’. As the name suggests, this application includes manuals and procedures addressing a wide variety of general health issues and workplace accidents along with serious injuries. One of the biggest advantages of this application is that it supports video-assisted learning. If you want to skip the text, you can opt for video assistance where instead of reading you will only have to watch and learn how to implement the applicable procedure. First Aid comes in the bilingual text (English and Spanish) for a greater reach and is integrated with 911, providing instant dispatch in case of emergency. Top Workplace Safety Apps for iPhone


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the agency responsible for enforcing workplace safety across the United States. Along with explaining OSHA’s rules and regulations which are meant to be followed across the country, the application also helps create checklists, generate reports, and add comments or pictures for references. This is a concise guide on the regulations meant to be enforced around the country and regulations for manufacturing, service industries, warehouse, construction and medical/dental fields. This application also helps managers and supervisors analyze rules and avoid rule violations that can lead to fines.

Job Safety Analysis App

Job Safety Analysis is an application named after the procedure of the same name. A job safety analysis procedure incorporates health and safety principles into an existing work environment or task. When doing a job safety analysis, each basic step of the analysis is to identify any health hazards and provide the safest route possible to complete the job at hand. This application can be used onsite to create a custom analysis on the specific job you are tasked with, and such an analysis can be sent to all the employees electronically via email or other mediums. There are also pre-filled options to save you time, and you can include photos of the hazards and risks that are present. At no cost, this application is a must-have for managers and supervisors.

Chemical Hazard Pocket Guide

The Chemical Hazard Pocket Guide is a definitive guide on chemical elements and the hazards they present in the wake of an accident. It is useful for onsite workers, guards and other staff members. The guide lists down a comprehensive chemical database along with their tradenames and aliases. Furthermore, it also includes a physical description of the chemicals and advises which chemical is safe to inhale or not, if it’s flammable or if it is it suitable to touch. At $7.99, this application provides offline access to all relevant data and provides well-organized information on industrial hygiene.


iAuditor is one of the most popular safety apps among safety professionals. It is used by large companies across the world and supports multiple mobile operating systems, including iOS. Users can create custom audits from scratch, reuse existing audits, and even generate and edit audits on the computer with a spreadsheet, which they can simply import onto iAuditor. iAuditor also allows you to share audit forms within the application, across similar industries via the SafetyCulture Cloud. For those operating in different states (or countries) with different safety codes, you can easily update templates for additional safety system information. Employees could learn a great deal about personal safety with just their mobile devices. However, companies must always strive for a more thorough approach, and fully commit themselves to workplace safety training programs and workforce management systems. At the end of the day, no safety trick or tool is ever going to be more cost-efficient than a workforce that’s fully engaged and educated about workplace safety and compliance.

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