How to Write the Best Real Estate Listing for Your Home

Posted On: January 9, 2018

How to Write the Best Real Estate Listing for Your Home

How Can You Identify What Buyers Want?

Develop customer profiles of the buyers who will most likely be attracted to the property. Have this buyer profile in mind when you’re preparing marketing materials and delivering sales pitches. Highlight the things your likely buyers are looking for.

How Do You Write Listing Copy to Draw in Buyers?

Gather the listing information and photos, look them over, and then brainstorm. Answer questions such as:
  • What is special about this property?
  • How does it stand out from other similar properties?
  • Which things would the average person love about it and make them brag to their friends?

How Can You Best Frame the Listing Information?

Identify buyers’ “pain points.” How does this house solve likely buyers’ problems? Remember to focus on the benefits, not the features. What will the buyers do with these features and what will they gain from them?

What Descriptions Will Grab Buyers’ Attention?

Effective listing copy employs the following elements:
  • Memorable Headline: Use eye catching words like charming, spacious, stunning views, private, and sanctuary
  • Emphasize unique features: Be specific when describing the best features
  • Effective word choices: Research the best listing description keywords, like beautiful, updated, custom, granite, luxurious, impeccable, stainless, and landscaped

How Do You Inspire Buyers to Make an Offer?

Don’t include everything. Carefully select just the right elements to tell the story you want to tell.  When you’re writing listing copy, describe the area, amenities, and the unique personality of the house. What is it like to live in that house in that neighborhood? People buy houses to create a home. Home is the people, the relationships, day-to-day activities, the lifestyle that happens in the building. Illustrate how this house can help a family create a home they’ll enjoy for decades.

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