You Are What You Tweet

Editorial Team October 11, 2013 0

you are what you tweet

Twitter is an excellent way to express your brand and to keep in touch with your client base. That being said, you want to watch what you’re tweeting about, and keep it professional. It’s important to make sure that your Tweets relate to topics that your feed subscribers are interested in. Make sure that your Tweets are real estate focused and not too off topic. Keep them in line with what your business is really about. While it’s important to entertain your subscribers and keep them interested in what you have to say, you don’t want to drown them in useless information. For example, a Tweet regarding local property tax increases or a new listing in a hot neighborhood may be interesting to your clients, while a politically charged subject may actually alienate clients. It’s important to consider your intent and content when posting Tweets.

Try to keep it light, keep it factual, keep it professional. A Tweet may seem like an impermanent, transient communication, but the Library of Congress is now archiving entire Twitter feeds for posterity. Do you want a tweet about an unpleasant experience or emotion to be recorded for all time? Even if only a few of your media posts are negative, some feed followers may equate that to your personality being negative. Instead, focus on the macro theme of your Twitter feed and what you want to communicate. What is the purpose of your update? How can this information add value to my client experience in 140 characters or less?

Your Twitter feed may not appear to be as permanent as your website, but it still reflects on you as a real estate professional. You must comply with NAR Code of Ethics, HUD fair housing laws, and local association rules just as you would for other marketing materials.




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