Competency Development Basic Business Skills

Basic Business Skills

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    Individual Contributor, Team Member

Vado is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) This course has been approved for (Number of hours listed in duration field, currently) credit hours for project managers looking to maintain their certification.


Individuals build the basic business skills required to be successful at any job, at any company.


Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Strengthen Job Required Skills
  • Know and Meet Customer Needs
  • Identify All Outcomes of a Potential Decision
  • Ensure Strategy Alignment
  • Seeking Out Cutting Edge Ideas
  • Organizing Your Workspace
  • Resources for Success
  • Learn Workplace Technology
  • Work Place Rules and Policies
  • Understanding Financial Management

Topics Covered

Module 1: Strengthen Job Required Skills

The greater our position knowledge is, the better we are able to perform our job and not only meet expectations, but also exceed them. So whether you are in a new role, or have been in the same job for a while, making the effort to understand all aspects of your job is essential.

This course will help you create a comprehensive summary of your position to create a broader understanding of your individual purpose and contribution within the company, as well as know what skills and capabilities are required to perform your job at a higher level of performance.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to increase your ability to perform the processes and procedures required for your job

Module 2: Know and Meet Customer Needs

Our customers are typically the reason we do what we do. Our work, whether it is a project, task or assignment, always directly or indirectly impacts our customers. Therefore it makes sense that if we want to perform our jobs well and deliver great results, we must truly know and understand our customers the best that we can.

This course will help you learn as much information as possible about your customers in order to better anticipate, understand, and meet your customers needs.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Understand the changing needs of your customers and know how to anticipate and meet those needs

Module 3: Identify All Outcomes of a Potential Decision

Making decisions is something we do each and every day. Sometimes we make a lot of small decisions, other times we must make decisions that have a significant impact on our work or others. Of course, each of us wants to make a great decision each and every time. However, that is not always easy. Making good, sound decisions takes thought and consideration.

This course will help you develop the habit of considering different decision options and the consequences of each option. Use the Decision Making Guidelines, you will build your skills and capabilities to think through the options to make a great decision each and every time.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to identify all possible outcomes before implementing a decision

Module 4: Ensure Strategy Alignment

An organizations strategy is what drives everyones work. Every department, team, project group, and individual should be working in some way to help the company achieve its goals and overall strategy it is what we are hired to do. And if we were hired to help the company achieve its goals, then we should always be aware of how our work connects to the overall strategy.

This course will help you evaluate how well new projects, work or assignments connect to the companys strategy before you commit to them. This evaluation will help you stay true to your purpose to help deliver the companys goals, without getting sidetracked or bogged down by work that is not core to your role and purpose.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Be able ensure alignment to the organizations strategy before committing to a project or initiative

Module 5: Seeking Out Cutting Edge Ideas

As an individual working for a company, it is part of your job to be innovative and creative; to look for new ways to solve old problems, and identify how you can better meet your customers needs. The great thing about this, is when you increase your innovative and creative actions, you will find your work is exciting and challenging, you will increase your contribution to the company, and others will start to notice your great work too.

This course will help you understand where you can be innovative, that is to know what you have control or influence over. It is these areas, what we can control or influence, that we can successfully innovate. Trying to improve something we have no control over tends not to work so well, so why not focus on the areas where you can make a difference.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to seek out new or cutting edge programs or processes that positively impact the organizations strategy

Module 6: Organizing Your Workspace

Just as your words and actions reflect your values and work ethic, the appearance of your workspace reflects who you are too. This makes sense. Think about a person with a neat and organized desk. Typically we think of this person as dependable, capable and committed to quality. On the other hand, someone with a messy and unorganized workspace may be seen as lazy, unskilled, and unreliable. While we know this is not always true, there are plenty of highly successful people with unorganized workspaces, its also true that perceptions matter. And if perceptions matter, then it makes sense to do the things needed to ensure you are perceived in the best way possible, and this includes maintaining a well-organized workspace.

This course will help you organize and unclutter your workspace to create an efficient and clutter free environment.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to organize your workspace and maintain a clutter free and productive work environment

Module 7: Resources for Success

Most organizations have a limited amount of time, people, and money; and thus must make tough decisions when allocating resources. The challenge for each of us, as individual employees, is to be clear on what we really need to be successful, and to identify how we can work with what we have got. Once we know this, we can determine what actions may be taken to secure the additional resources required to deliver our individual goals and achieve great results.

This course will help you look at each assignment, task or project and determine what resources you need to deliver this work at a high level of performance. You will then determine what you must have to be successful, and create plan to secure the resources for your job. As with all resources, sometimes compromises are needed, however, being able to clearly articulate why you need the resource and how it can help you in your job, will increase the likelihood of your success.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to identify the resources you need to be successful in your role

Module 8: Learn Workplace Technology

One of the best ways to contribute to your company is to grow and develop your skills and capabilities. This is because individuals with strong expertise and experience increase innovation, contribute to higher productivity levels, and improve customer service. While each of us was hired because of our skills and capabilities, our expertise and experience definitely grows over time, thus increasing our contribution to the organization.

This course will help you identify technology you will learn to strengthen your skills at work. The technology may be a software program, a new mobile device, a piece of machinery, or may even be an existing system you want to gain super user status in. This technology may be fairly simple and straightforward or it may be more complex and require time to create proficiency. This course will help you determine the best technology for you to learn for your job right now.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to learn a new workplace technology to enhance your individual work performance

Module 9: Work Place Rules and Policies

Rules in the workplace tend not to get a lot of attention; subjects like performance, engagement, strategy, and the bottom line are typically the most talked about topics. Yet a companys rules and policies are essential to its success. More importantly, the willingness of individuals to abide by them, even when unpopular is a must. Just like when we were young, workplace rules are created for a reason. They keep us safe, keep the company in compliance, project a positive image to customers, and ensure fair treatment for all.

This course will help you identify how well you follow and adhere to company policies. The purpose of this course is to help you think about your attitude and actions regarding rules and guidelines and then determine if adjustments to your actions should be made.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to evaluate how well you adhere to critical work place rules and policies

Module 10: Understanding Financial Management

As you grow in your career you take on more responsibility and are asked to handle more difficult tasks. This often includes managing some aspect of the companys finances. Whether it is managing a team or department budget, applying critical accounting principles, or making large purchase decisions, your leadership role requires you to have a certain level of financial management capabilities.

This course will help you determine how you can take your financial management skills to the next level by understanding your current capabilities, selecting what skills you will build, and identifying the development methods that will work best for you.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to take your knowledge and understanding of financial management to the next level


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