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Customer Service Management

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    Managers, Supervisors, Leaders

Vado is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) This course has been approved for (Number of hours listed in duration field, currently) credit hours for project managers looking to maintain their certification.


Managers learn how to manage, coach, and inspire their customer service team to deliver high-performing results.


Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Shaping the Direction of Customer Service
  • Inspiring and Motivating Customer Service Agents
  • Giving Feedback to Your Customer Service Agents
  • Customer Service Coaching
  • Customer Service Quality
  • Customer Feedback and Insight
  • Onboarding New Customer Service Agents
  • Managing Remote Customer Service Teams

Topics Covered

Shaping the Direction of Customer Service

As a leader focused on customer service, it is your role to determine how serving your customers supports the company’s overall direction and strategy. By setting and leading the direction of customer service, creating accountabilities, and communicating this vision to others, you will be able to help your company achieve its goals and deliver long-term success.

By completing this course you will:

  • Focus on what you need to do as a leader to help shape and direct the customer service needs of the company.

Inspiring and Motivating Customer Service Agents

While there are a number of things you can do to motivate and inspire your team, there are a handful of actions that are effective no matter what type of organization you work for and who you have on your team. Certainly there will be individual differences between your team members, however the actions suggested in this course (if implemented), will certainly make a significant difference.

For this course you will review the set of leadership actions you can take to increase motivation and inspire your team.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to inspire and motivate your customer service team

Giving Feedback to Your Customer Service Agents

Feedback is essential to anyone’s success. We need feedback to understand what we’re doing well and what we’re not doing well. This information helps us know what we must continue doing and what we must improve or stop doing. Feedback helps us know where we stand and clarifies what we need to do to be successful. Without feedback, we struggle to understand how we can improve and won’t know if we’re meeting the expectations of our manager and the organization.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to give feedback to your customer service representatives on their performance

Customer Service Coaching

Leadership is one of the most important assets an organization can possess and you, no matter what your leadership level may be, are a part of that asset. One of the critical skills needed of leaders is to effectively coach others. Without great coaching, an organization will never be able to achieve its potential and reach its goals.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to provide the right level of coaching to your customer service representatives

Customer Service Quality

How your customer service representatives treat your customers can make the difference between a loyal returning customer who will become an ambassador for your company, or a lost opportunity or negative press with others. Everything your representatives do that is customer facing makes a difference. Whether it’s a phone call, email, or face-to-face interaction, they all matter.

For this course you will work with your customer service representatives to identify the actions you and the team will take to strengthen the quality of customer service your customers receive.

By completing this course, you will:

    Know how to implement the key elements needed to deliver quality service with your team

Customer Feedback and Insight

Customer feedback is essential for success. Feedback helps customer service representatives and companies determine what is important to customers and what they need. Without customer feedback, a company would struggle to meet the needs of the customer, thus failing to grow and achieve its business results.

For this course, you will work with your team to gather feedback from your customers to determine what your customer service reps can do to meet the needs of the customers you serve.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Find out from your customers what you and your team can do differently

Onboarding New Customer Service Agents

When customer service representatives start a new job, they have a lot of questions. New hires want to know about their work, their responsibilities, and what they need to do. In addition, new representatives often wonder how they’ll fit in. They want to know what type of contribution they’ll make and whether they’ll be able to make a difference. Although some new hires may figure this out on their own, it’s possible it may take a while, or they may end up creating an incomplete picture in their mind, which means it’s up to you to help.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to help your new hires be successful in the first few weeks of their new role

Managing Remote Customer Service Teams

Issues such as working with remote technology, managing various work schedules, and coordinating time zones are all part of leading a virtual team. And while each of these elements is vital to your success, it’s easy to get lost in the virtual aspects of managing your team, and thus lose sight of what’s really most important—your leadership.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Find out what is required to successfully manage a remote customer service team

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