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Delegating Work

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    Managers, Supervisors, Leaders

Vado is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) This course has been approved for (Number of hours listed in duration field, currently) credit hours for project managers looking to maintain their certification.


Managers develop their skills to effectively and successfully delegate work to others.


Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Delegating to Others
  • Delegating with Clear Expectations
  • Getting Buy-In When Delegating
  • When Agreements are Broken
  • Leadership through Delegation

Topics Covered

Delegating to Others

While you can’t delegate everything, the trick is to learn what you can delegate and to whom. Becoming a more effective delegator is beneficial in a number of ways. First of all, you are freed up to focus on your most important work, which is typically more valuable to the organization. Second, you provide the opportunity for others to build their skills and knowledge, as well as increase their contribution to the team. Third, since employees are building valuable skills and you are focusing on your most critical work, the organization gains more effective and capable team members now and in the future.

If you’re struggling to become a better delegator, a good place to start is to understand what can be delegated. Certainly you can’t pass off everything, but there may be some tasks or projects that can be done just as well by others. This course will help you identify what you can delegate and what you cannot.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to determine what you can delegate to others to be more effective in your role

Delegating with Clear Expectations

Crystal clear communication is essential for delegation to be successful. You must clearly communicate what must be delivered and when, including as many details as possible. The better individuals understand exactly what is expected of them, the more likely you will be pleased with the results, and thus enjoy the delegation process. In addition, once you delegate effectively to others, you’ll find the process becomes more efficient, allowing you to delegate more quickly, while still experiencing the same high quality results.

This course provides a process you can use when you’ve selected a task or project to delegate to someone else. Performing this process will help you set clear expectations regarding what must be done and by when. Following these steps will give you the confidence needed to know everyone is clear on what must be delivered and achieved.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to establish clear agreements regarding what will be done when delegating to others

Getting Buy-In When Delegating

When individuals understand the value and importance of an assignment, you’ll find they work harder and produce higher quality results. People are motivated when they know they can make a difference. Which means when you can communicate the value of a project, you greatly increase the likelihood a person will accept an assignment and work hard to complete it in just the right way.

This course presents an easy to remember set of questions you’ll want to discuss when you are assigning work. These simple questions provide the information individuals need to get on board and complete the task with a high level of commitment and performance.

These delegation topics are simple and straightforward. After performing the process a few times, you’ll find they become an integrated part of how you communicate with others. As a result, team members will be happy and excited to take on the work you propose, and will choose to work hard and deliver great results for you and the team.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to increase buy-in for your requests when delegating to others

When Agreements are Broken

So you’ve delegated work to others. Commitments were successfully made and deadlines agreed to. All seemed to be going well, yet the unexpected happened, the work didn’t get done. The agreement was broken. If this has ever happened to you, you know the frustration it creates. You delegated work so you can focus on other things, yet now you must confront the person who didn’t do the job, and you face the possibility of doing the work yourself. Neither of these things were planned on.

This course presents an exercise you will use if you find delegated work not done or not accomplished at the desired level of performance. In these circumstances you must confront the situation. You do not have an option on this one. However, you do have a choice for how you approach and handle the situation this course will show you how.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Know how to effectively confront others when agreements are broken

Leadership through Delegation

When managers and leaders delegate work, a number of benefits are realized. First of all, delegating demonstrates you trust and value your team’s skills and capabilities. By delegating work you are stating you know the person will do a good job and deliver great work. Second, delegation provides the opportunity to strengthen existing skills or build new ones.

This course will help build your leadership skills by delegating more work to others. By doing so you will increase communication, trust, build capabilities and strengthen teamwork.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to strengthen your leadership capabilities through delegation

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