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Emotional Intelligence

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Human beings are emotional beings, this is how we have been programmed. Our emotions control our thoughts and decisions. Being leaders, our decisions not only impact us, but they also influence our people along with our organization. It is really important that our decisions are based on facts and figures rather than emotions.

The process of understanding & facilitating emotions into rational thinking is called Emotional Intelligence.

Course Objectives

In this module you will learn what Emotional Intelligence is. You will learn how to understand your emotions, facilitate and manage them. You will see the ways how can you lead with emotional intelligence at workplace by self-awareness, Managing Emotions, Self-motivation, Empathy and handling relationships.

You will learn that IQ is not enough to get you through life successfully, you need social and emotional intelligence along with IQ to improve on what you are already doing in life. This would help you through conceptual thinking and analysis.
You will learn how emotions react to body language, you will understand what message does your body language communicate and how can you increase emotional intelligence through body language.

By going through this module, you will snap out of the illusion of knowing and actually know how can good leaders become great. How to manage your own emotions and how to lead the teams by enabling them to practice the same.

Subject Matter Expert

A dynamic and successful entrepreneur of several profitable start-ups and mid-size E-businesses driving enterprise excellence through elearning, operational excellence and regulatory compliance business models.
Ed Sattar believes that a strong drive and being a learner for life could be your biggest competitive differentiator

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