Management Leadership How Do Leaders Influence, Motivate and Drive Behaviors

How Do Leaders Influence, Motivate and Drive Behaviors

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This module is about how we, as leaders, influence, motivate and drive the right behaviors. If you are a leader of a team, you are accountable for achieving results. You can't achieve these results all on your own. You need a team to help you achieve the results. To achieve the desired results, you need to lead your team you and drive the behaviors and attitudes. In order to drive the right behavior and focus, you have to influence, motivate and inspire them.  Before you can influence, motivate and inspire, you must first build a relationship so they trust your actions. Through this relationship, you will have an understanding of what is the individual’s motivating factor and what is the best form of communication with them.

In this module, we'll learn how to be a more influential leader, who can provide the right kind of motivation to their people, to drive their behaviors for achieving the desired outcome.

Course Objectives

In this module, you should be able to understand and master the following concepts and topics:
  • What Motivates People
  • Understand People's Psychology to  Influence Behaviors
  • Science of Persuasion
  • How Do Leaders Influence & Inspire
  • Discover Yours and Others Strengths
  • How to Handle Difficult Employee

Subject Matter Expert

Ed Sattar
A dynamic and successful entrepreneur of several profitable start-ups and mid-size E-businesses driving enterprise excellence through elearning, operational excellence and regulatory compliance business models.
Ed Sattar believes that a strong drive and being a learner for life could be your biggest competitive differentiator

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