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Leadership Essentials | Role of a Leader

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This leadership certification training program has been inspired and assembled by materials in the public domain from the top thought leaders, authors and speakers in the areas of  leadership and exposing their  point of views and perspectives- so you have multiple point of views to discuss and debate on and NOT any one person’s point of view.

What is proprietary is color commentary, summaries, some case studies and taking all of this non-structured content in the public domain and putting it into an instructional design methodology to drive the high impact relevant learning experience based on specific learning outcomes. What is not proprietary is the actual content that you will review from these authors and leadership coaches. All of the content is publicly available to anyone for their consumption.

All of these Leadership gurus will tell you that is hard- Exemplary leadership does require levels of courage, discipline and persistence that few people can muster... For instance, there are some things that we should do, that we know we should do but choose not to because they are too hard; things that would require us to leave our comfort zones.  But there are some things that we don't do because we honestly believe they absolutely will not make a difference when in fact they would.  

Course Objectives

In this course, you should be able to understand and master the following concepts and topics:
  • Difference Between a Leader vs a Manager
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • Developing the Leader In You
  • Five Levels of Leadership
  • Six "E's" of Leadership
  • Functional Leader Vs Enterprise Leader

Subject Matter Expert

Ed Sattar
A dynamic and successful entrepreneur of several profitable start-ups and mid-size E-businesses driving enterprise excellence through elearning, operational excellence and regulatory compliance business models.
Ed Sattar believes that a strong drive and being a learner for life could be your biggest competitive differentiator.

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