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The world is moving much faster today and the way the world is today at this moment in time will not be the same a year from now. We are living in an exponential world. An exponential rate of change put on a graph would not appear as a straight line but as a curve that continually gets steeper and steeper.

As Gary Harpst clearly states in his new book Six Disciplines. Execution Revolution, “Leaders who build organizations with the ability to balance strategy with strong execution over long periods of time achieve enduring excellence.”

Whatever challenges your company is experiencing today, these challenges will be different and bigger tomorrow so it’s vital that you take control and prepare now to drive operational excellence through An Integrated Business Execution System

Course Objectives

This module, defines operational excellence and makes a point how it is essential for any business who chooses to convert its strategies into world class execution. It talks about how operational excellence is an iterative process based on commitment, improvement, and a systemic approach, coupled with a way of life for employees to do the things the right way, no matter how big or small a task is.  

You will learn various operational excellence models, methodologies, frameworks, tools and scorecards and how they are applied in a unified way to deliver business results.  

This module also introduces operational excellence as a philosophy of leadership, team work and problem solving resulting in continuous improvement throughout the organization by focusing on the needs of the customer, empowering employees and optimizing existing activities in the process.

Subject Matter Expert

A dynamic and successful entrepreneur of several profitable start-ups and mid-size E-businesses driving enterprise excellence through elearning, operational excellence and regulatory compliance business models.
Ed Sattar believes that a strong drive and being a learner for life could be your biggest competitive differentiator

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