Learning Management System Integrations for Businesses

Ensure a seamless experience by integrating the power of the 360training Learning Management System (LMS) into your current systems and workflows. Our flexible LMS integrations are able to support even the most complex learning environments. Find the integration that’s best for your business.


360training SSO

Our Single Sign-On (SSO) integration simplifies the sign-on and enrollment process by allowing your employees to access courses directly from your own LMS.

360training SSO allows users to log on securely to multiple applications with a single set of login credentials. This allows your employees to be managed and assigned courses on your own LMS without needing a separate username and password. When an employee clicks a course link on the client-side LMS, it communicates with the 360training LMS and tells us to login the user, enroll the user, and render the course on the client-side LMS. The biggest difference between the SSO and AICC integrations is that with SSO, no callbacks are necessary from the 360training LMS to your own.

AICC Integration

AICC integration works similarly to 360 SSO but uses HTTP AICC Communication Protocol (HACP) to communicate between your LMS and 360 LMS. AICC is an industry standard protocol.

AICC is a learning standard that uses HTTP AICC Communication Protocol (HACP) to enable course content and LMS to work together. (Note: This means your LMS must be capable of receiving HACP messages over the Internet.) We are currently compliant with AICC 4.0, the most recent version. Similar to the SSO integration, AICC allows you to easily enroll your employees in your own LMS to the courses imported from our LMS.


The REST API is the most customizable solution, permitting all external systems not covered by one of the other options to interface with the 360training LMS.

The REST API is a programmatic interface to the 360training LMS that can connect with any client-side API. This type of API is the newest standard and the easiest to integrate with. Using the REST API, any external system (be it an LMS, HR, or something else) can programmatically interface with the 360training LMS to retrieve data, render courses, and manage enrolled learners. This integration is custom-programmed from your API to our LMS, meaning it can provide many more capabilities than the AICC and SSO integrations. You can even automate various actions like user signups, course registrations, reporting, and more.

About the Learning Management System

Whether you're a small to mid-sized business or a large corporation, our LMS can help your business accomplish its goals. With new integration options always in the works, we never stop expanding our LMS’s functionality and reliability to ensure a smooth learner and administrator experience. If we don’t already have the perfect integration option for your use case and needs, we’ll customize one for you. Let us help you make delivering learning content to your employees as effortless as possible.

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