360training® Learning Management System for Businesses

Managing workforce training has never been so effortless. Our easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) platform helps you streamline your training process from quick enrollment to progress and performance tracking. Find out about all the ways our Environmental Health & Safety LMSRestaurant LMS, or Healthcare LMS can help your business succeed.

System Features & Benefits

Flexible Integrations

Whatever you need your training platform to do, our LMS does it. We’ll help you create a user-friendly learning environment your employees will love.


Role-Based User Management

Tailor the training process by creating personalized learning paths to satisfy unique training needs. Customize training plans for each employee, role, or team.

Web-Hosted and Secure

Protecting your company’s private data is our priority. All our servers are hosted on cloud servers utilizing a leading cloud service provider.

Batch User and Course Enrollments

Save time by adding users and enrolling them in courses in one fell swoop. Put our LMS to work for your company, saving your business time and money.

All Your Training in One Library

Quickly and easily update your library with new courses based on changes to your company’s hiring and training needs.

Advanced Reporting

Build custom reports, request feedback, share announcements, send reminders, track course progress and enrollments, and monitor overall performance.

System Integrations

With a growing list of Learning Management Systems for your business to choose from, we have the right LMS for your company. By integrating with a 360training LMS, your employees will seamlessly gain access to all course content. We’ll walk you through the simple setup process for whichever LMS you choose.

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