Industry-Specific Training
for Job-Specific Skills

For industrial and manufacturing businesses like yours, a workforce training plan has to do some heavy lifting. You have to keep up with regulatory compliance, secure the safe operations of your facility, and continually develop your employees' job skills.

Our training packages can give you the leverage you need to get the job done with:

  • 400+ Industrial Skills training solutions
  • Competency evaluations relevant to your workforce
  • Hands-on training for better knowledge retention
  • PDH credits for engineers
Build a Skilled and NERC-Compliant Workforce

Featured Courses

Self-paced, mobile-friendly and reasonably priced.

The Hydroelectric Role in the Power System

The Hydroelectric Role in the Power System

Give your hydro plant workforce an overview of different types of hydro plants, their effect on power system operation, and the responsibilities of power dispatcher and power system operators.

Basic Rigging

Basic Rigging

Train workers in proper rigging techniques for the safe handling, transport, and delivery of heavy loads. We cover block and tackle, chain hoists, jacks, winches, slings, and basic safety precautions.

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure

Educate your workforce in the latest SPCC regulations for preventing and responding to oil spills, and train them in the design and implementation of Facility Response Plans and Integrated Contingency Plans.



Teach employees the operational principles of both traction and hydraulic elevators, as well as monthly service requirements, the responsibilities of ownership, and the fireman's recall system.

Much More Than Training

We have the tools your training program needs for effective compliance and risk mitigation.

  • Regulatory Approved Content

    Regulatory Approved Content

    We keep up with regulatory training requirements so that you don't have to. Our courses are approved or accredited by the ruling bodies in every industry, and an official certification is often available upon completion of the course.

  • A Powerful LMS Platform

    A Powerful LMS Platform

    Managing workforce training has never been so effortless. Our mobile-friendly, easy-to-use LMS platform helps you streamline your training process from easy enrollment to progress and performance tracking.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Every company that partners with us is provided a dedicated, experienced account manager to make sure all training goals are met, and all compliance requirements are fulfilled.