Social Media and Digital Marketing Content Marketing (OMCP Preparatory)

Content Marketing (OMCP Preparatory)

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Content Marketing is not new.  Internet marketers have been writing content for years.  In SEO, articles are written to build authority and to generate inbound links;  in Social Media blog posts are generated, LinkedIn articles are written, Facebook posts are carefully written.  Going back even farther, industry articles have been written for online journals, magazines, and even newspapers.  And yet, in the wake of Panda and Penguin, Content Marketing takes on a new level of purpose, giving legitimate content creators a new voice and a new complex strategy to develop.  In this course, Content Marketing expert Greg Jarboe will take you through all the aspects of Content Marketing.  From identifying avenues to developing content to measuring results, Greg offers a comprehensive insight into all the aspects of this very important Internet marketing tool.

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or a seasoned professional, this course will broaden your skill set and improve your ability to deliver real value for yourself, clients, and employers. Streaming video lessons and study resources are all available online 24x7.

Recommended prerequisites: Content Marketing Foundations
This course is preparatory for the OMCP™ Certification test.


Topics Covered

Content Marketing Curriculum: What Is Content Marketing? Identifying Prospects Writing Messages and Creating Content Getting Your Message into the Media Becoming an Industry Expert Content Strategy & Challenges Measuring the Results Blog Marketing Social Media Marketing Channels Image Marketing Video Marketing Articles and Press Release Marketing Email Marketing Event Marketing B2B Marketing

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