Social Media and Digital Marketing Paid Search Professional - OMCP Preparatory Program

Paid Search Professional - OMCP Preparatory Program

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Ads work best when the right message reaches the right audience at a time and place where they’re most receptive. So how do you make sure your ads end up in front of your target audience when and where they should?

With the Paid Search Professional Concentration, you’ll start by learning the landscape of online marketing with the Foundations Course; then dive deep into your targeted PPC training to make sure the ads you're paying for are bringing a return. You’ll come out the other side with a comprehensive, cross-discipline approach to designing, building, and maintaining PPC campaigns. Finally, you’ll get specialized training in specifics with short courses that dive deeper into the advertising opportunities of top social media channels.

But getting users to your site is only half the battle. The next step is to have them purchase, register, fill out your form, and convert from visitors to customers. That’s the magic of Conversion Optimization. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of landing page optimization, with real-world examples of what works, what doesn't, and what steps you can take to test your theories.

When you can get the right message in front of the right people and help them to take the right actions, you’re right on track to becoming a huge asset for any company that advertises online.

“Remember, customers look at you as one singular brand. They want to feel that singularity throughout all their interactions with you. And unfortunately, if your PPC person is not considering social media etiquette or conversion psychology in their campaigns, if they’re not consistent in company voice or philosophy, they can break that trust.” - Bryan Eisenberg, Market Motive faculty and author of Always Be Testing

The Following Courses Are Included In This Package:

Course Name Industry Course Delivery
Introduction to Online Marketing Career Training
Online Marketing Foundations (OMCA Preparatory) Career Training
PPC & Paid Search Marketing (OMCP Preparatory) Career Training
Landing Page & Conversion Optimization (OMCP Preparatory) Career Training

Topics Covered

Online Marketing Foundations (OMCA Preparatory) Conversion Optimization Web Analytics (OMCP Preparatory) Social Media Measurement & Analytics

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