Social Media and Digital Marketing PPC & Paid Search Marketing (OMCP Preparatory)

PPC & Paid Search Marketing (OMCP Preparatory)

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With your competition getting smarter every day, it's critical not only to have a strong foundation in pay-per-click principles, but an advanced understanding in keyword research, ad copy, formula-based bidding strategies, PPC economics and customer psychology. Join Brad Geddes and Bryan Eisenberg for a no-nonsense approach to PPC education, as you learn a comprehensive, cross-discipline approach to designing, building, and maintaining your PPC programs.

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or a seasoned professional, this course will broaden your skill set and improve your ability to deliver real value for yourself, clients, and employers. Streaming video lessons, downloadable workbooks, and web-based quizzes and tests are all available online 24x7.

Recommended prerequisites: PPC Foundations

This course is preparatory for the OMCP™ Certification test.


Topics Covered

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Curriculum: Introduction to PPC Advertising Introduction to Keywords and Match Types Writing Effective Ad Copy & Ad Extensions Campaign Settings Conversion Tracking, Bidding, & Reporting Utilizing the Display Network Account Organization Understanding Quality Score Creating Your Account Strategy & Launching & Monitoring Accounts Supplemental Material: Testing & Advanced Landing Page Strategy Supplemental Material: Tools & Other Networks

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