Social Media and Digital Marketing Social Media Optimization and Analytics Tactics

Social Media Optimization and Analytics Tactics

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It is no longer possible to separate search and social media optimization. A holistic approach is needed to optimize all content for all of the places it may be found online. This course addresses optimization tactics as they apply to an overall online presence - focusing on search engines, social media platforms, and the mobile web. Traditional optimization methods are discussed, as well as optimization tactics for social media, sharing, and conversion. Emphasis is placed on "semantic" optimization tactics; which is rapidly becoming the standard for successful placement in search engines and social media platforms. The course also covers creating a social media analytics plan and explores analytics tools to measure success.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the different types of search engines
  • Summarize the different aspects of Google search
  • Define holistic search optimization, and discuss techniques used to achieve it
  • List the methods for optimizing content for search, sharing, and conversion
  • Summarize how to create and apply a keyword analysis
  • Discuss how to create a search optimization framework emphasizing holistic search methods
  • - Describe how to create a social media analytics plan
  • - Summarize how to access and use internal social media analytics tools
  • - List popular external and paid social media analytics tools and summarize how to use them
  • - Summarize how to interpret social media metrics and make decisions based on results

Topics Covered

  • Search Tactics
  • Social Media Optimization Tactics
  • "Semantic" Optimization Tactics


The are no prerequisites for this course.


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