Medical and Fitness Careers Business in the Electronic Age

Business in the Electronic Age

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The Business in the Electronic Age course introduces students to the effects the Internet and other modern technological innovations have had on the global business landscape, specifically the components of ebusiness: business to business commerce, business to consumer commerce, and internal business processes. It focuses on how technology has altered the way businesses operate, with respect to communications, distribution, sales and marketing, procurement, and the management of information. In addition, students examine how organizations use the Internet and software systems to remain productive and competitive in their existing marketplaces, thereby driving technological innovation.


Course Objectives

Learning Objectives:
- Effects of the Internet and communcations on business
- B2C and B2B practices
- Gaining productivity through new technology tools


Topics Covered

Coding exercises are provided for the folowing:Evaluation and Management Codes (E/M) for office, outpatient and ambulatory facilitiesCPT and ICD codes for the specialties of medicine as they appear by section in the CPT Codebook





End of Course Instructions

Thank you for completing this course. You may print a copy of your course completion certificate and then return to your profile to complete the other courses. Please contact your instructor for a program completion certificate once you have successfully completed all the individual courses and satisfied all program requirements.


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